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but in fact, there are still a lot of technology start-ups in China that are innovative in some areas that are not known to Westerners, and virtual goods from Asia are a good example. YY is an enterprise with 310 million registered users, and its business is quite different from that of the American market. For example, Napster co-founder Sean ·, Parke Sean Paker and Sean · Fan Ning Sean Fanning last week continued to lead the edge, launched the video chat startups Airtime, and attracted widespread attention. But YY has released a similar video chat technology.

networks is the same as making money in real life. It’s a transformation, either physical or mental. In fact, Wangzhuan is mainly composed of sales, which belongs to the field of business, is a part of electronic commerce. Selling their own products, selling other people’s products, selling their own services, selling other people’s services, selling ideas, etc..

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, let’s talk about real money making. I sell things, others buy mine, and I make money. Fools can understand. I have a lot of products, you sell for me, after selling, I get commission, that is, you represent my products, you help me sell. It’s also good to understand.

The essence of making money in

now I have a space breeding potatoes would you like for my promotion, OK, you take this batch of potatoes, as long as they are different people see my potatoes, I’ll give you the money, see every time you take a penny, so you try to let more people see. If anyone sees it and goes over and examines it, I’ll give you 10 fen. If someone buys it, I’ll give you a dollar, so you’ll try to get more people to see it, let more people touch potatoes, and try to get someone to buy potatoes. Some people say, others only look, a touch, did not buy, how businesses are willing to give money? In fact, it is easy to understand, people to see, touch, deepened understanding and knowledge of this product, which is the premise of products sold. As you watch TV on so many ads, you never buy it, but you know the product, a lot of people know that this product is famous, or popularity, slowly will have to buy. Of course, there may be no one to buy, businesses also lost. In fact, businesses have done the test, out of 2000 yuan advertising, profitable, continue to do, once found no longer profitable, stop advertising immediately. Radio advertising is also the same, merchants said, "you end this program, call me three: vitiligo disappeared – Shandong, Heze, I give you 300 yuan per day.". If you ask Jackie Chan to advertise you, you’ll have to give Jackie Chan the money. That’s the simple reason.

YY was founded in 2005, owns the game portal site warcry. In 2008, the company launched the YY game voice software, which allows players to play voice and text chat while they are playing strange or cooperative tasks in the game. But the company then broke through the gaming world, stepped into a larger social networking platform, added streaming video, and attracted 310 million registered users and 60 million month active users.



now you know where the money comes from, and it’s worth mentioning that it is the information age, highly intelligent, money can automatically go to your account, automatically deducted from the main account. In the old days, in the agricultural age, remittances were probably made, either with cash or with checks. Perhaps a long time ago, a person selling things just shouted himself, and so on, bigger, may print advertising, find someone to issue. The merchant gave the man money. Businesses see your house at the crossroads, many people want to advertise in your home on the wall: treating psoriasis, please contact 123456. One year for you >

, YY, CEO, Li Xueling front left two with staff,

co-founder and CEO Li Xueling, said the Guangzhou based company had made a profit last year and is expected to remain profitable this year. His start-up partner Lei Jun is a well-known investor, is also the founder of millet mobile phone. YY is from the capital, Ventures, GGV Steamboat star Capital and tiger global partnership company received a $95 million investment, but because the company carrying more than 100 million U.S. dollars in cash, so the money is basically intact. There are rumors that YY is preparing for the IPO initial public offering. Li Xueling said, "this is indeed an option, but YY is not."

        the "Forbes" magazine online edition published today signed Tuomiao Geron Tomio Geron · the article said, although known as the "copycat" nation, but in the Chinese Internet industry, there are still some enterprises in silent innovation. Play YY is one of the typical sample, the company has diversified income sources and unique product model to attract a large number of users, and is expected to compete in the international market.

, in the eyes of most Westerners, there is a lack of creative start-ups in China’s technology industry. As a result, the most important technology products in China are the Shanzhai versions of Groupon, Twitter and Pinterest.

is not eager to go public,

some people will ask, I do not know to make money on the money come from, do little advertising to make money, are deceptive, money can be taken out? The main principle still did not understand wangzhuan.

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