Miso soup can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women ‘s health network


for women they want their slim and healthy longevity, but some bad habits make all kinds of illness, so how to make the habit of women’s health, a magazine in the world over the network of women’s health habits, as women all over the world’s example, women want health may also use.

Green Tea longevity bean paste soup5 national

women’s oldest are: Japan, Monaco, Andorra, Australia and spain. The top US food experts to plug? Ha dedi said: "at least 40% of the Japanese breakfast every day to eat soy based miso soup." Studies have shown that women who eat soy at least once a week will reduce their risk of breast cancer by 50%. Japanese women’s favorite foods are soybeans, tofu, bean paste.

Another big secret for Japanese women to live longer:

instead of coffee. Half Japanese drink tea every day. Experts believe that the catechins in tea with antioxidant effects, can destroy the cancer cells, reduce cholesterol.

wine garlic strong heart

countries with the lowest number of women with heart disease are: Kiribati, France, Japan, Monaco and South korea. One of the great secrets of French women’s health is wine. A new study by the Harvard University School of public health found that moderate alcohol consumption (1 cups a day) reduced the risk of heart disease in women by about 40%. Red wine from the southwest of France, which contains proanthocyanidins (an antioxidant that improves blood vessel function), is 5 times more likely to produce red wine than any other country.

eat garlic is the Korean women rarely get the secret of heart disease. Garlic contains an enzyme that prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels, thereby protecting the heart.

afternoon nap slim

ranked in the top 5 countries are: Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and denmark. The secret of Italy women’s "not fat" is to take a nap in the afternoon to avoid excessive afternoon tea and dinner. If not enough sleep, the brain will secrete a hormone, so that people eat more.

Swiss women’s chocolate and cheese to eat, but not slim, but still slim, the secret is to walk more. In their travel, hiking accounted for 30%, bicycle, car 38%, while the Americans travel, walking accounted for 1% of the bike, car, 84%, 9%.

wild herbs protect the intestinal


has the lowest incidence of colorectal cancer in 5 countries: Senegal, Gambia, Fiji, Guinea and Cameroon. Their anti cancer secret is: one, eat wild herbs. Dr. Miller said that Daphne? Folate rich wild herbs so that Cameroon women colon cancer risk reduction of 60%. Two, protect the intestines. Fermented food is the main food in West Africa, such as beer, milk acid etc.. These foods are rich in probiotics, the role of intestinal protection.

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