A person three months Kuangzhuan million how he did it Wangzhuan network to trap flying dream eyes


story occurred in 2012, a more than 30 year old man I called him Lao Wang, in accidental circumstances, to make money online, he in the absence of any resources, through the Internet, in three months time to earn one million yuan, so how did he do it?

then he changed the subject to make money online, he started asking me how to make money online, I was also ill, I would say to make money online with him, there are many ways you can do CPA, can help people brush single shop, and so on, he finally asked me how I am to make money, I just say I’m doing Taobao customers, make their own website, and then go to the Taobao alliance with the code on my web site, some people buy, I have a commission, he is said to know, after not how to talk.

in this regard, the reporter interviewed quite a reputation, good reputation of the person in charge of the domestic popcorn net Wangzhuan present. Popcorn network is a user upload, reprint, reprint, release video, pictures, Bowen, as long as someone clicks to watch, you can make money website. The person in charge of the network introduces some basic methods for identifying fraud Wangzhuan site to reporters, the first one is the first, I feel a lot of scam sites give people is poor, generally the first eye can see, simple, rough Its loopholes appeared one after another. In the above, the website cheated Xiaohui, Xiaohui said, then she looked carefully, on the site there is a lot of typos. Press, typing, writing, most should not appear typos, but their website is really a lot of typos, can lower.

after him, put itself into a more than 20 year old boy, every bubble forum, to those girls seeking method of skin care, skin care products, is the trial, in the talk with the women in the process he said his skin was too dark and rough, looks like more than 30 years old, in fact, only twenty-two, he actually the age is more than 30 years old.

, he uploaded his photos to the forum, did not expect the fire, and he did not advertise, has been chatting, seeking skin care methods, skin care products

that time, WeChat has just begun, it is very influential micro-blog, some of the community’s influence is very big, Lao Wang from a friend’s mouth, to understand the word after Wangzhuan, plus my , at that time I was also just started, although I have been exposed to this industry early in 09 years, but the first few years I did not make any money, even has been eating the old state.

and Xiaohui family suspected, immediately to the press remitted one hundred yuan in the past. But the second day, Xiaohui found his friend in without the publisher of the so-called customer service. If she applies again, she will not add. All the bad premonition. Sure enough, for a long time, no one sent her any manuscripts……

not long after he had a look for me, he said that he had been out of a single, I asked him what to do, he said he would go to do guest, some women forum play girls write posts, then leave some guest post links. He said that after they told me that this operation is feeling uncomfortable, I didn’t really pay much attention, then he is getting better, they often chat with me, he once said he did not want to do guest, want to go it alone, to do skin care, I laughed at him, and I he said: go without learning to run? He didn’t say what.

please do Wangzhuan dream eyes

in the process of talking to him, have some understanding of him, he is a migrant workers, never graduated from junior high school, thirty-four years old, Hebei people, young love to play online games, once divorced, the reason seems because the young often play games all night, no decent work. I don’t want to ask any more questions.


opens a web page and often sees enticing words like "easy money sites" and "I’ve earned $3000 online.". Faced with these seductive propaganda, which is pie? Which is a trap? Often makes us difficult to distinguish between true and false. In a virtual network world, fish, Nishajuxia situation is inevitable. In sh419 input "Wangzhuan deception" will be found to countless beautiful lie and trust for befog the minds of the people fooled deceived the dream of getting rich information network.

although this case has been in two years, but every time I think of this case, I will still be very excited.


with the rapid development of the Internet, through the Internet to make money, entrepreneurship, more and more ways, patterns are constantly updated. More and more people want to make money through the network, the dream to work at home, can not be exposed to wind and rain, not to see the boss face.

I believe that this is enough to make those as I had thought to understand the point of fur marketing Master, Wangzhuan experts itself who feel ashamed.

believe typing Wangzhuan, disabled girl cheated miserable

live in Yubei rural small childhood disability, but she can only lie in bed all day, typing quickly, in May, she found a typist recruitment websites on the Internet, the press website marked the first big is bluffing, called "* * Xinhua press", a little Guozihao feeling. The website claims to be a part-time typist who posts the manuscript of a writer into a word document, 2000 yuan per 10 words. This price seems to be more reliable, not too flicker person’s appearance. The website asks to remit 100 yuan deposit to them first, can send manuscript and part time contract to come over. Other people’s explanations are believable. If they don’t accept the deposit, they will be maliciously asked for the manuscript. They say a deposit will be refunded when a partnership is concluded. A month of entry one hundred thousand words is not a problem for small, while the income of 2000 yuan in the local even healthy people also belong to relatively high.

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