How did get cheated into the netTurning the 10 thousand show into 10 thousand SKU the company is


first is difficult decision making and low communication efficiency. On a vertical information site, there are as many as 136 shows in the field of communications and electronics only as of May 2017. For the exhibition organizers, information on how to reach potential exhibitors? Buy sh419 keyword search into the first page ranking; how to choose exhibitors? Or luck in a pile of homogenization of exhibition, or only in the face of the first page of search results in the agent list… >

in the conference and exhibition industry, the same way.

after that, I followed the tutorials he made, looking for websites, posting and submitting……

though the industry is mature enough, but the service mechanism is very backward, cheat show fake famous exhibitions, exhibition exhibition cheat fee near in the vicinity, famous exhibition places without authorization to start small scale exhibition organizers meet the eye everywhere. Zhao Yang is very aware of the "pit" and "pain" point in this industry:

the past two months, with the post and my Wangzhuan friends asked what time the boss wages, he pushed a day a day later, everyone is really no way to call the company, they say this and that……

Zhao Yang has four Internet Co responsible for marketing, general manager of Southern China District hexun years, he is aware of the exhibition industry "big enough market space, on the other hand, the domestic exhibition industry service efficiency is very low. The second half of 2014, he left and founded the exhibition business platform development network.


ten days later, one of the friends of Wangzhuan suddenly gave me information, said wages, you have? I open my Alipay look, oh, really fat, but I only have 200, the first time to earn money on the Internet really taste good, so I took the money for his wife bought a birthday gift, think you are very sweet although very little money, but at least let me believe that the network could actually make money

Zhao Yang told me at the office of the Nanshan District science and Technology Park in Shenzhen that the exhibition is a typical "1 to 9" economy. That is to say, "every 1 yuan of value produced by the exhibition will be the income of 9 yuan for the place where the exhibition is located, and the role of stimulating the regional economy and consumption is very obvious."." As an important channel for branding and trading of small and medium-sized enterprises, 9283 different types of exhibitions have been held nationwide in 2015 alone. The direct output value of nearly 10000 shows is close to 400 billion yuan.

suddenly one day, I can use the Internet to find free mobile phone call, so I went to this free phone forum began posting to make calls, suddenly one day see the administrator posts: hair every day 30, minimum 400 yuan; so I wonder, the network also can make money but think about? Just to help him to post, anyway idle is idle, see if you can earn money.


in the past, a large number of small and medium enterprises trading through MICE general meetings, incentives, activities, exhibitions, so early completed, the B2B service in the exhibition industry, we are keen to do portal and information Alibaba, hexun, Chinese exhibition of this kind of portal platform, by selling advertising earned a lot of money. But according to the exhibition network www.zhankoo founder Zhao Yang said, "the information platform is out of date, most died. Networking 2 times, the market demand has been forced to upgrade the business model."

why early information portal downfallen? And B2C service mode of individual consumers are not the same, B2B trading service users that buyers who belong to different industries, trade barriers between natural existence, cross domain buyers are no stickiness to the door, the final result is to make the trading platform more vertical B2B.

looking for steel network, looking for plastic network represents a kind of vertical B2B platform, since 2015, attracted a lot of capital into, almost every vertical industry in the Internet to seek change.

until one day, I met the devil, he said he opened a new forum on Wangzhuan tutorial >

this time I really regret it, if I can’t get the money, what can I do, but the things on the Internet, he really does not give you, there is no way ah, it seems that the network is deceptive, can not earn money. Thought of here, I really regret, although posting is not tired, but sometimes I also post late into the night, alas, really helpless,

three days later, I suddenly found that he gave me the task of voting site, one about 0.2 minutes! Think how much can one day? I earn the most on the day the 5 fast, can be said to be my own problems; then one day I saw the information I have to vote a line, I just entered Wangzhuan, really do not know what is on the line, but I see I have an offline address, I see, is a registration page, slowly I will know, the original development of a line each have a certain commission to the line, I think the vote was introduced some people earn a lot of money for the novice like me

since I believe that the network can really make money, to start the search in sh419 enter some Wangzhuan, Wangzhuan forum, begin to contact the registration, click, unfortunately, click on the registration task I did not get a penny, then a Wangzhuan friends told me on the Internet, since can make money, also can get money I said, looking for no authority of money, he then sent a URL to me, let me go to register, said that the voting task, one day earn 20 or so, I will follow his tips in.

in 2009, my efforts at work, plus my luck, allowed me to work under the computer and wander around the Internet every day looking for something that is free everyone loves to pick it up

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