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the afternoon of August 15th, in March this year just completed B round of financing Betta live to the "daily economic news" reporter to confirm the complete C round of 1 billion 500 million yuan financing. Also in the evening of August 15th, Betta live further to the "daily economic news" said that this round of financing by the Phoenix investment Tencent and lead investor, venture deep, national fund for small and medium enterprises, laterite growth, Shenzhen Jiayuan, fashion capital, Shanghai Hongmeng Zhi Cheng, Nanshan capital with investment.


‘s startup project will undoubtedly suffer from the limitations of the founder’s genetic ceiling.


enjoy the early Internet business dividend in 36 krypton, quickly became the star enterprise, the founder of the small age now too small became famous, but in the process of leading to the ultimate success of business model realization, still full of challenges, ability and effect to deal with these challenges, the final decision of the fame and success is a far distance, is close at hand or difference of one hundred and eight thousand.

fortunately, these early famous startups have brand advantage, advantage and capital advantage, by hiring managers can solve their own occupation, in the real estate industry and the financial sector accumulated loss, however, the entrepreneurial company, from start-up companies to switch to the natural pattern the rise of the company, has been transformed from a product company to the management company, and then absorb the occupation managers, those with traditional industry operating experience of the new, between team members and the original culture, industry and other genetic differences or even conflicts, is exposed in the first time will.

at the same time, live platform is also the emergence of new transformation, Betta, teeth and the dragon three platform, go to games, entertainment and professional content in the direction of production, there is no difference between the three platforms in essence, development trend would be similar to the integrated platform.

I think that, on the surface, they not only become the first round of the C into the network broadcast platform, also set a world record of financing live. But in fact, fish have continued giant blood transfusion, this is actually a prelude to live market gradually appear two or three dominant platform. At present, broadcast platform serious homogeneity, market can only hold a single digit game player, which belongs to one of the two or three integrated platform macropodus. The opportunity outside the integrated platform will be a live platform to create exclusive features, unfortunately, has not yet emerged.

first of all, will the start-up company’s brand be loud enough to allow the elite of the traditional industry to opt in?.

, and in the C round wind shot, Tencent play the role is worth pondering. It is reported that in the B round lead investor, Tencent and Betta in copyright, resources and other aspects of in-depth cooperation; the lead investor that Tencent to Betta continued prospects in the future will also be in more areas and expand the cooperation of multiple Betta, Betta live behind to become the domestic industry leader.

after all, Tencent need a big band by his adopted son as it is in the edge of social Empire stick and expand. If Tencent do it yourself, may be like pat, micro-blog as tasteless. Because it’s not as close to the social landscape as the game is. Live broadcast more entertainment than the electricity supplier, Tencent’s continuous shot, will make people feel pressure from Tencent social Empire traffic, and for self-reliance, digging users competitors, Alexander.


second, does the entrant understand the original company?

if it is more straightforward, it may be asserted that the first round of the live platform has passed, and then the platform of large-scale death and merge stage, as well as the live content of entrepreneurship tuyere.

, in these areas, its inherent, traditional industry experience and accumulation, these Internet entrepreneurs do not have, or missing.

, for now, only rely on VC + +

The rapid development of

however, ushered in the early achievements at the same time, in the face of the venture business realized the critical period, will be found in order to realize the real value of cash, almost all cannot do without the essence of traditional business, essential and traditional business, the traditional industry operating experience, such as a new media 36 krypton ultimately through the Internet financial cash, such as a 3W coffee brand is exploring the Internet social economic space realization of the road, also return to the field of commercial real estate.

"daily economic news" reporter Jiang Peifang was informed of this news, and the author conducted a communication.

the annoyance of a red cannon

the Internet, let those who have good development potential of the young entrepreneurs, especially based on the characteristics of the Internet aborigines after 85, 90 after the rapid rise in the media spotlight, quickly became the entrepreneurial story protagonist, has actually become a celebrity also many.

financing is completed, should be to their own professional training Betta live and create characteristic columns from the direction of the past simple signing anchor mode, this is the only solution to live out of the homogenization of the platform. Earlier online video platform is also so break out, live broadcast only barbaric growth time greatly shortened.

some time ago, the first brand of business media almost 36 krypton was broke, the congregation raised platform operation of a macro energy project is a problem, promised in 2015 performance and actual performance is not serious, accused of alleged fraud, through its official response to the content, there is a problem, a this incident broke out, on the one hand, let us see a rapid growth of fame startups — 36 krypton.

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