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            joined the Taobao union to make money immediately


only SEO, Wang Tong marketing, is their own strengths, the expert know their strengths and play out, let them become Wangzhuan people. We don’t always abuse a Wangzhuan is how to lie, he thought this is the project, oh, if you are wicked, imitation is also. The actual Internet, do not make money, not in what projects, what technology?…… But in people, as with industry, making real estate is very profitable, but it is also very poor money…… There are differences between men

now I’m here to tell you that Taobao’s commission is based on Taobao’s PID, so you just change the PID to your own, so someone else buys the product via the link and the Commission is yours. Now, the beauty products network products are sold in 2010 Taobao products, commissions are very high, as long as you change the PID, to facilitate transactions, commissions are yours.

is now a lot of people want to do Taobao customers, will squeeze into this Wangzhuan industry, but because many people do not suffer from website technology, blog promotion with not much benefit, can only see others their stare.

secondly, commission items. Familiar with Taobao, we all know, up to 50% of the Commission to make Wangzhuan three feet coveted. Like weight loss products, starting with fewer people, interest is really impressive, slowly, the secret had been broken, countless people know this Wangzhuan project, have to follow suit, sh419 search ranking has become more and more difficult, perhaps, to earn money to go into the master has dodged another project, left a noisy market amoy. In fact, Taobao customers also have a lot of products, high profits can do. These timeliness is not very long, many people do, and competition will be big, no matter what the industry is such a phenomenon. This time, we need to learn, website optimization, chain, propaganda and so on, and is the basis to Amoy to make money, you have your own ideas to promote? Based on the establishment of the network, the promotion of innovative thinking, they can not adapt to the

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beauty products network meicp/ fusion Taobao customers the most profitable items: slimming products, breast products, anti acne products and so on, these products are very high with the Commission, slimming products, for example, a single Yong Jingao to have more than 100. So, as long as you can sell a single, then you can earn 100 yuan range, perhaps more than you a day’s wages, I also do through this site, to recognize the Taobao customers, is really money. Itself is a technical background, so the weight loss, breast enhancement, acne integration into a piece.


beauty products not including a net now ZhengZhan domain name, hereby declare: I just want to do for Taobao customers, there is no need for other purposes.

, first of all, Fudge dafa. Like the kind of violence with high returns as the slogan of "illegal" Wangzhuan form, everywhere, no way, Wangzhuan the temptation to large, especially just contact network of people, think so simple, but remember, people who earn money Wangzhuan Wangzhuan accounted for 70% of the market, in fact, can not be said to cheat can only be said to be fooled, he said let you send a ten thousand day post outside the chain, adhere to a month, monthly earn 10 thousand! That he might think I can do it well. That’s true. You can send ten thousand posts a day. Don’t believe nobody clicks or buys. The problem is, you can do ten thousand stickers every day, hard, tired, but you are not wrong to teach this method, but you do not do it, you are embarrassed to scold others, but he has earned your money. So to summarize, unconscionable flicker of new network crowd, this is a project to do Wangzhuan, but lack of mind, I want to ask you whether it is suitable for

this year more Wangzhuan boom last year, a dig into the grassroots webmaster count me in meet the eye everywhere, one. In the face of the Internet, all the Wangzhuan tutorial project, I inevitably excited and dizzy, see others earn thousands of yuan, and you earn 10 yuan, we always think that the gap between where the lack of executive force?? the head is not smart enough? When I see a project from the Internet, 80% is out of date, or the labor intensity big, small gains. The fact is that not everyone can successfully complete their Wangzhuan career, face is more deceived, accept the illegal money online trap.

we all know that Taobao is the best way to guest Wangzhuan, but also very safe. But we all know that Taobao customers do to make money? That is to persevere to do, whether you blog promotion or website promotion, blog promotion, Forum promotion but now almost blocked Taobao customer links, so a lot of people in this way is not appropriate, and now, what is the best Taobao customer recommended? That is the website promotion Taobao guest. Let me take a look at my station below:

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