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, Wang Lei told reporters, he had been optimistic about the project, because it is a less investment; two because of low risk; three because of its high profits, while the three fully comply with a businessman’s investment way. "Modern work pressure, leisure time to play some online games to relax, while the" highway kingdom "slot machine game for decades with 70, 80 together through the classic game, nature has attracted more and more game player friends of all ages, so it can be said to" highway kingdom "slot machine game is a can even sleep every day to have tens of thousands of income gold project, as long as the site to do well, promotion in place, then a month down to earn a ten basic no problem."


from the second half of 2015, in addition to the veteran qualifications of the old, short rental O2O, such as home, wooden bird short rent, piglets and so on, but also a lot of emerging emerging rental enterprises. Even though 2016 was seen as the capital of the Internet economy cold winter, but the market heat unabated, until December 2016, there are still new players to join.



current view, emerging electricity providers get together short-term rental industry, investigate its reasons, and the current short-term rental industry is not unrelated to the stage of development. Indeed, short rental industry after several years of temper line, the product has passed the trial and error stage, into the middle stage of market development and rapid development, rising trend evident.

the old saying goes, "three hundred and sixty lines make the best.". If not for this interview, even if Wang Lei was standing in front of me, I find it difficult to be his "pioneers", "youth example" such words together, after the big boy is in front of such a seemingly ordinary but by virtue of their precise vision of the market, in the agent Gabriel Entertainment 198jbl "highway Kingdom games after half a year, the pinnacle of life close at hand, to buy their own home car, become Jiangsu area well-known Internet business Master.

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short rent into the fast lane, new enterprises competing to enter the

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it is understood that Wang Lei graduated from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, well versed in the way of doing business in 2015 he heard from a friend that the Gabriel entertainment platform, and to understand the "highway kingdom" slot machine game project agent, so Wang Lei took the immediate market situation, while taking advantage of, has become a platform for the "highway project agent Kingdom". To say a man’s success is largely depends on the choice, but in the age of the Internet, select agent "highway network game kingdom" really is a good business opportunity, and Gabriel entertainment as a large domestic game agent platform, naturally became a major choice for entrepreneurs.

online short rent in 2015 years the number of enterprises to enter the reach of small peaks, such as Keys, a B & B, Su Chao fun live ah Xbed and sixth other new players to enter the arena and short rent, so far, the number of new entrants to the market to complete the angel round of financing accounted for more than 45%. Then in 2016, with accommodation, travel, Wa Don Wa Sh strange fish and other emerging short rent O2O among short rental market, financing or market expansion, while the old short rent platform has also stepped up financing or integrate the operating rhythm, eating cake to travel short rental market.

odd fish travel, friends home, Wa Don Wa Sh and other new short rental platform into the short rental market, while the veteran children short rental platform home, wooden bird short rent is still in the head ahead. In the near future, the new and old short rental players will inevitably open a war, which can stand out in the development of the industry, become a generation of warlords,

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in addition, Wang Lei also said that in the game platform like Gabriel agents themselves like many, like her monthly income of more than six digits are There are plenty of people who Internet entrepreneurs is not difficult, the key is, you choose a kind of industry, in the slot machine game agent platform 198jbl and Gabriel Entertainment created as long as are you willing to pay, then there will be very considerable. "Gabriel platform for game player tailored exclusive game style and content, and targeted research and development of independent open area, provide technical support for the operation of the Everfount time slot machine agents. Basically, there’s nothing to worry about. And do "road kingdom" game agent, the most important thing is to strive to expand the players, just thinking about the pie in the sky is not realistic."


China’s short rental market is in a period of rapid development, the market size increased from 140 million yuan in 2012 to 10 billion in 2015, an increase of more than 70 times in 4 years, an annual growth rate of around 150%. In 2016, the way home, and other old wooden bird pig short rent integration, industry reshuffle, market development into the fast and wide track; plus the new short rental enterprises to join, the 2016 short rent scale is expected to exceed 30 billion.

data comes from speed routing network

data from Tencent technology


centralized business platform to get together short rental industry

, as Wang Lei said, >


these trends show that, whether it is short rental market size, urban coverage, or user scale, the application downloads, all kinds of data are showing geometric growth.

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