Websites advertising alliances need to be cautious09 basic six big money making projects


out of the little mouse can get rich return Wangzhuan is an enviable, but to remind you very much after all the virtual network components, so we have to be vigilant. Choose a secure website to see if the site has a business license, a certificate of telecommunications business approval, a payment method, and a detailed contact address. If there is a need to advance the franchise fees, I suggest that you do not go. Method of network money is really connected below to introduce 6 kinds of emerge in an endless stream, now the most popular form of Wangzhuan, hope that the majority of money online entry-level friends help.

apply for moderators, that is, go to some big forums, such as Sohu forums, apply for moderators. Moderator’s treatment is relatively stable, but not high, and different sites pay to the moderator’s treatment is not the same. Moderator is the first to be interested, and every day must have fixed time to manage the forum. For a lot of time friends, may wish to apply for moderators do, not only to meet the vanity of moderators, but also get

online to do Witkey, there are two ways to make money, one is to undertake tasks to make money, and one is to make marketing partners to make money. To undertake the task of making money requires real skill. You need to have expertise in design, procedures, planning, and so on. To undertake planning and programming tasks in a task China website I half a year ago, earned nearly 10 thousand yuan, of which the Witkey task 8 standard, 3 standard bidding task, quick task by the employer asked 2 times, up nearly 9000 yuan, equivalent to 3 more than a month wages.

      users: doing professional search paper media website information search site, profit model is currently considering, consisting of paper media website advertising, as to the paper media web site to flow, also create advertising revenue for them, do not know whether there are prospects?

to build a personal website, a lot of people not only do webmaster addiction, you can also have some traffic on the site after the advertising to make money, this is a lot of people win amateur paid jobs. Personal website is indeed very profitable, ever since the most cattle personal website hao123 by sh419 high price after buying, many people are also doing personal Adsense dream. But I do not agree that no Internet experience friends to build personal websites.

first: open an online shop to sell things.

 :    : Huang Hua: personally feel that in a paper media website such a niche market, the advertising alliance model may have some risks in the profit process.

second: Internet to do Witkey power to make money.

fourth: apply for moderators, earn pocket money,

      of course, for your business, I suddenly think of another model, that is, to help enterprises to make paper media monitoring of public opinion. As long as the paper media released a business news, no matter good or bad, through your platform, can monitor for the first time, I think for the enterprise, it should still be valuable. Of course, the specific content of the service, forms and charging methods need to depend on the functions your technology can achieve and the needs of the enterprise users you set. Under such a model, the upfront cost may be lower than the advertising alliance, but the market size may not be smaller than the advertising alliance.

      sh419 advertising, can have a huge commercial value, the basis is that sh419 has a huge user base and traffic, and a collection of paper media website search engine traffic itself will be restricted, made of advertising, unless you can bring considerable traffic platform to print website the premise is you the site must be broad and positioning to do a lot of promotion, or on a paper media website NarrowAD net, such a market whether it has scale effect, my intuition is not too optimistic. The fundamental point is that the advertising alliance is also a prerequisite, is your advertising business ability and financing ability, as a new media from appearing to advertisers generally agree that the time between at least 3 years time, you must go through this stage will have in the future.

online shopping has become the mainstream shopping methods, so many people have grasped the efficient way of online marketing. According to informed sources, now many individual bosses, government workers, white-collar workers, college students and so on, they all use their spare time to do business online, but also fruitful. Taobao, pat and other large trading platform is the first choice for you shop, you can sell clothing, jewelry, toys, books and so on, but you have to prepare the premise of supply. No supply of friends, if you really want to shop online, you can also help others sell goods, profit from them, this is also a good choice.

third: build your own personal website

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