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women buy underwear, in addition to style and size, usually also consider what color to choose. Psychologists said that the color of women’s underwear will reveal her heart: red on behalf of unrestrained enthusiasm, but if it is pink, it means gentle, and white that she is willing to learn new things.

, the British "Daily Mail" reported recently, the survey found that 72% of women are now more likely to choose a bra or flesh colored underwear, while avoiding the classic black and white style. Stealth bra sales are growing by 38% a year, researchers said.

may be the star’s influence played a role in it. Hollywood sexy Eva – Mendes said, "invisible bra or simple style underwear" made her feel the most sexy. Pop singer Katie? Perry also wearing a bra and shorts on the cover of the magazine "rolling stone".

psychological expert Donna Donna Dawson? 3/4 survey found that women now tend to wear "invisible underwear", "not what to say they can hide".

Donna Donna said, warm colors, such as red, yellow, orange, add some excitement and sense of vitality, can actually rise superior blood pressure and heart rate and respiratory rate.

invisible or flesh colored bra that personality is very natural, easy-going, frank and down-to-earth, will give women very relaxed feeling.

red bra is a passionate and energetic woman who will speak up for her needs. Her emotions are part of her charm.

pink bra shows personality is very romantic, gentle, need to be taken care of. Such a woman full of women, not easy to take the initiative.

black bra illustrated emphasis on individualism and power. Such women hide their charm, but the heart is full of passion.

white bra shows that the character is naive, willing to accept the advice of others, like learning new things.

(internship editor: He Lili)

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