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has completed more than 50 million downloads in four years. These four years, from the initial Java version to the Android and iOS platform, the popularity of lucky went on digging wealth of mobile Internet, so that the COO in Yunfeng explained how to get the user, always do not forget to appreciate the.

Li Feng said Li Zhiguo is a very strong executive, the development of things also confirmed this view. Not in October, investors have not covered the money, dig money on the acquisition of the Financial Services Company’s Shanghai trust data. About the intention of the acquisition, all Yunfeng said, "before the dig, the team is biased."

two consecutive months, Hangzhou Choi meters Technology Co., Ltd. has won two venture capital injection. In September, digging Choi announced the acquisition of IDG capital of $10 million A round of financing in October, CDH investments and; dig money brought $3 million investment.

led by Ali Internet banking, like ripe apples generally hit the old employee Li Zhiguo’s head.

although this solution is not very scientific, the blog also shows that Groupon’s business philosophy is right. It uses the least amount of investment to help investors understand the market demand. "Blogs illustrate this idea and show that this is what users really need," Mason says." After they learned that buy coupons have a big market, Groupon immediately expanded the scale, and soon will have today’s Groupon development.

Ghost as a new blog platform, built since April 2013, has received a high degree of concern from open source community users. In the early May, Ghost was founded

financial weekly trainee reporter Huang Jie / text

everyone may have no idea, buy originator Groupon just started, also started through blog. Groupon founder Andrew Mason once said, "Groupon was originally just a WordPress blog.". At that time, a variety of promotional gifts, coupons, movies, tickets and other manual operation and release, as well as various forms of PDF buy tickets, but also manually, see also sent to the customer mailbox.

IDG capital moves frequently in the field of Internet banking, investment dig money before, IDG investment projects include coinbase, Yixin and other Internet financial enterprises. As a partner in IDG leading Internet investment, Li Feng introduced in an interview, lending, credit, data and small payments will become the future trend of investment. Specific to dig money, Li Feng said, although the accounting in domestic demand is less than the United States, but Li Zhiguo believes that accounting is the starting entrance for financial services and trade finance, and also have enough money to dig the user.

about continuous access to venture capital favored in the short term, COO Yunfeng dig Choi said, four years of development, has accumulated a user dig money worth, "Internet banking" concept, the capital is very interested in the field, in addition, in the process of venture capital and storytelling, investors also recognized that digging fiscal future product planning and development direction.


in the initial stage of Internet banking, polymerization users and the sale of financial products, including BAT sh419, Alibaba, Tencent for short, the main gameplay of Internet companies, BAT certainly have no shake user advantage, but to the mobile terminal, everybody on the same starting line, even compared with the BAT, early step dig money seems to be more advantages.

wave of mobile Internet wave earlier for his dig money brought millions of users of financial accounting, whether such as video, a map, a mobile Internet entrance level application, Li Zhiguo is convinced in the story.

"through the money fund service, the introduction fund product sale, receives the advertisement promotion expense, this is digs the wealth the present main income pattern"

Mattermark is used for data analysis. It conducts data from Twitter, AngelList or news websites, helps investors to look for market opportunities, and can always grasp the operating conditions of start-up companies.

Since its birth in 2009,

Mattermark founder Danielle Morrill experienced early failure, began to eye view on the major incubator and investment company, and began to write their own blog, for example the YC incubator company Alex, Facebook MAU for a few other rankings. After a period of time, his blog has received much attention from Twitter and Facebook, and has rapidly accumulated a large group of fans. With this popularity, she started her two career and quickly established Mattermark.


capital favors


even if you have a great startup, idea, you’re going to start building product prototypes and code right away. After a few weeks of hard work, when you’re confident about releasing your product, the result is no one. Sometimes, the product of the entrepreneur can not meet the actual demand of the consumer. Then, many entrepreneurs started their own company, and slowly, they found the most practical needs of users. In addition, there is a common and effective way to write a blog. It allows you to quickly verify that your ideas are correct and that you can also gather market information in the short term. The following start-up companies have used this method:

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