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discuss the value of community O2O, the first need to seriously explore the "community electricity supplier" impact on the consumer retail market. O2O community community electricity supplier can be understood as a new consumption channel of traditional electricity providers and traditional community stores are staggered extension and produce, so it has the characteristics of traditional electricity providers and traditional community shops, and unlike the two.

here I do Wangzhuan project and work units compared what can be said as we do Wangzhuan, without any guarantee of investment, hundreds of dollars to do a station, but it did not give up, it costs only themselves. Or by some fraud website project to cheat thousands of dollars, even if the police are not good, no evidence.

Why does

if the eye is confined to "profit" and "scale" and other commercial interests, will ignore a very important premise, before discussing the community O2O economic value we need to understand the community whether O2O can let users life better "? If so, the community O2O have the long-term market value, if the answer is negative, the community does not have any value O2O. As long as the user can make life better than before, also worry about revenue and the scale of the problem? So we don’t talk about economic benefits, first look at the O2O community is not essential existence, can still play an irreplaceable practical value in the user home life.

this period of time can be said to include sweat and laughter, to get the first income is joy, there are problems when the site is sad.

sites are basically in accordance with the expected, but also not some time ago sh419 K station of this kind of influence. In my spare time, I often see some of the other Wangzhuan articles, or pondering other Wangzhuan project.

so, some people think, do Wangzhuan is not good, are generally not regular. In fact, not Wangzhuan is not good, as where there is demand, where there is a market, online shopping has created a Taobao dispensers, and the rapid development of Taobao stores and created a large number of Taobao customers. Like this, the development of the Internet brings a large number of opportunities for making money, willing to do, willing to do, you can make money.

in the market environment is not clear, throw an exaggerated or alarmist conclusions, just grandstanding. Can not make money and enterprise operation strategy, the market size and market size of the development stage, now hastily given the size or making money and not the conclusion easily many people awareness of community limited market. Community O2O is difficult to make money, the scale is not large, but why are there still many large companies and entrepreneurs have flocked to this?

in the business category, compared with the traditional electricity supplier management can all commodity trading, the electricity supplier community management category are more limited, snacks, drinks, rice oil, seasoning, daily life and the commonly used scissors, strip and other convenience store goods and fresh fruit, takeaway, etc. < < > >

with their keen sense of smell, as it is their Internet to attract new opportunities for traditional market environment under the continuous deepening line impact in the community life consumption in the scene, the increment and stock community O2O O2 before the Agency ", the opportunity is in?" a brief mention of community O2O the attractiveness of the. No profit point, small market size is temporary, community O2O is just the time is not ripe, and some companies are doing trial and error attempt is normal, we need more patience for the development of the community market.

in view of the community O2O industry development issues, we can not limit the size of the market in this big problem, there is no need to argue, do not make money, is not a pseudo proposition problem. The value of O2O community is the upgrading of community structure and the life style, which not only relates to people’s livelihood and economic consumption, environmental issues, and the "economy" and "people’s livelihood" together is not become strategic issues of national

some time ago a friend asked me, although do Wangzhuan is able to earn money, but have what risk? I wondered at the time, and later to react, he said those who need to invest money online.

There are many ?

community O2O’s value for the retail market: the value of promoting community consumption channels

and talking about a large number of grassroots webmaster, including my class, what is our only asset? Not our own website, but our brains, those who have mastered the technology. A lot of people were lying Wangzhuan to cheat, what is the reason? Is their lack of knowledge and experience, to fall into the trap. You can pull out an experienced old webmaster ask, see if he cheated Wangzhuan deceive.


my first contact point is Wangzhuan, spotted ordinary people can earn thousands of dollars, of course, I don’t expect a monthly income of tens of thousands. I chose the project is Taobao customers, the initial investment is basically to buy domain name space, so that the station charges. In short, the initial investment is not high, after a period of time, still feel good results.

say that,

The development of

let’s talk about my Wangzhuan road.

Wangzhuan itself is good, can not say what the risk. But the real risks come from individuals who have no experience, no skills, and are unwilling to

Wangzhuan project, of course, free Wangzhuan have, but this kind of project survey sites mostly earn points for little money to do the questionnaire, or commission around such a source after the acquisition of advertising. In a word, there is little profit for such projects.

after a long way of higher, I figured out a truth in Wangzhuan on this road, Wangzhuan itself without risk, the risk comes from personal.

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