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1, locate

is now in 2013, according to the past remember June 28, 2011 I know the SEO industry, and deeply attracted me, then get out of hand, to SEO after his with an air almost of idiocy; hard self-study and make friends, finally found a chain of Commissioners, according to the past remember received a 1500 wage the first month, the night didn’t sleep I’m happy, not because of how high wages, but again I believe that SEO is really amazing, SEO really can become the occupation, is able to feed my own; although I do broadband installation when wages are only about 1500, but at that time very much tired, if you have seen the broadband Unicom installer that actually installed root broadband is not easy, some houses without cable, we also need to take the pipe cable, and if a building exchange For less, we even have to always pull from the 30 floor to the first floor, which is not easy to remember in Dongguan Unicom broadband agents stem this live, every day is to carry a kit, riding a broken bicycle everywhere, then as long as the customer is not on the network to a client’s home run sometimes, although not on the network just because the customer is the card to the ban, or cable is not plugged in, but I can not say, because the customer is our God, I have to serve it, otherwise I will have to leave, when a person wandering in a strange city, you will deeply appreciate, want to make a difference in a city, live is the first thing you have to do, because only survive, you have to struggle, I deeply understand this truth. So when I got my first month’s income from the chain, I felt very happy because I didn’t pay much, but this workflow

super Copy + brand hype

is now at 12:30 in the evening. Since SEO has been accustomed to staying up late, he has been working overtime these days and has just come back for 10:30.

is the basic scenario for the quantum statistical store in December,

recently, Taobao mall more and more fire, many people think C shop is becoming more and more difficult to develop, but I still feel that "no product can not sell, as long as the product can not sell people."". Today I would like to share my friend to help optimize the store a case, the average daily UV in the shop at 50-80, but its income broken million, there are plans, there is truth. Here I first above, the following picture to screenshots of the words are too long, so the only interception part, due to privacy, so I put some information blurred, but no other PS, PS siwuquanshi

SEO a year and a half, SEO executives and how, still only enough to live, buying a car is still a dream for me!

first of all, the rapid consumption of Internet products only two, one is health care products, two is skin care products, cosmetics, the profits of these products at least 300%. Then, because my friend is OEM acne products, so the profit is higher, and I helped him in the introduction of foreign product positioning in the high-end products, produced a set of product cost about 40 yuan, here to tell you that the cost is very high, because the raw material is really cattle A, plus the packaging is also very awesome, so the cost of 40 yuan out of the products have been well. As a result of positioning in the high-end market, so the price is also sold more than 350 yuan a set of profits can be seen.

pour a cup of hot water, looking out the window of heavy traffic in the city, sit quietly, record 2012 this year with Taobao customers that indissoluble bound;

high-end foreign products + excellent packaging

good product must have a good copy of the support, I believe after reading a friend to know the domestic products Maoni, most of the so-called foreign imports of products is the domestic OEM products out, just from the packaging and packaging on the following. So product copywriting is very important.

this diagram captures some of the sales, and from the date, basically every day revenue. Now let me give you some pictures of the new quantum statistics.


two, brand building,

from the pictures above, I’m sure everyone should see the truth. Daily average of about 50IP, turnover reached 2W8, excluding shipping costs, product costs, promotion costs, customer service costs, profits of about 1W5. So, how did I do that? Please keep looking.

today is the last day of 2013, January and January 31st; time flies, and 2012 have not had time to say goodbye, 2013 has been over a month; in such a quiet night, listening to the sound of the clock ticked away, just look at a second pass, want to call a stop time stop, don’t go so fast… See… Earlier Taobao A5 passenger plate in the A5 held a guest essay, very good activity; yes, 2012 has passed, whether 2012 is bitter is sweet, is a little sad or happy a little more than 2012, has become the past, we ushered in the new 2013 2013, let that continue our unfinished Amoy dream!

, pictured above, is the latest revenue shot in 2010, December,

above is quantum statistics, December traffic profile

above is quantum statistics, December traffic source

copy of a few points, the product itself copy, brand copy, Taobao page copy, promotion, speculation, soft Wen, and so on. As for the brand hype, I’ll detail it in the following article, but I can reveal a little more about the brand name, search engine search volume, and most of the word-of-mouth


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