Why do you lose when you answer face and do not have secrets On the flow and Realization of nterne


last night in Hangzhou on the high-speed rail back to Shanghai to see 36 krypton Yan Hao wrote "from the answer to the face moe to no secret, and these red explosion after the rapid fall of the product is what?" a text, some resonance. As a control analysis and I can’t stop the brain and used in the mobile phone to write a "million boat micro review". Because the system is not deep enough, the angle of view is narrow.


1, about the answer: breaking the depth of information asymmetry is the key

I was in the pan sharing economy: beware of falling into the double trap of effective lack of demand and insufficient supply of effective supply. What is effective, just need, have broad dominant pain points, and a large amount of demand that can be fully met at a generally acceptable cost is effective and just needed. What is the effective supply? In consideration of the time difference, space difference of supply and demand difference after a certain period of time or a region of space still have enough supply to meet the various needs of the request is the effective supply.

for the sharing economic platform, the massive marginal supply to meet the massive marginal demand should be the best application of shared economy in such "light delivery" field. However, if the solution is not good, effective and effective supply of "bilateral pry" benign rolling, the continued growth of the platform will inevitably be hindered. Obviously, for the moment, the answer platform in these two areas are facing certain challenges.

said the first demand, only one minute to answer in a given situation, as the user would you ask what the problem? Are you willing to pay high price for this problem? How to determine the object of your question can make you satisfied and worthy of your payment of the reward? So, from the demand side, divided a user can solve, think not just can’t afford very seriously in the true sense of the price of knowledge (knowledge, and priceless) users really want, should the current supply system can not really meet. Therefore, the demand side is subjectively or objectively suppressed, and the so-called "supply creates demand" or "supply counter demand" is the logic. As the value chain is blocked, the continuous flow mechanism of the platform will not continue to be effective.

from the supply side, to form the effective supply of a sufficient amount of sustained and stable, one needs to have enough supply in time to participate in the supply, the two is the need to give these people the power supply continues to inspire and. Due to the current label too personal, so many users do not know to put forward an effective problem to whom should I go, so only the spirit of celebrity, which is why the answer problem a little proportion of people. In this case, the platform itself entertainment, shallow and generalization is inevitable. In order to be a valuable and suitable platform for supply and demand, we should not only solve the problem of shallow information asymmetry (connecting buyers and suppliers), but also need to solve the problem of "deep information asymmetry" (help identify the most appropriate requirements)

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