Now into the electricity supplier industry entrepreneurship is a sunny day


recently, see the article on the discussion in the next ten years to join the business in the field of entrepreneurship is the best start empty-handed A5 Adsense online, for the inside view, I most agree, but the start empty-handed the word I reserve my opinion.

The part of

identity has the following aspects: the threshold of entry is low; a computer and a cable can be completed. And the application process is also very simple, do not need to pay any fees; second, do not spell dad, in the face of the country’s online shopping consumers, to ensure product quality and service.

The last paragraph of the

article says that entry is a good opportunity, and it is also the best field for starting from scratch, which the individual thinks is not the case. Although now enter the electricity supplier threshold is relatively low, but now the times and different from before, apply for the relevant procedures do not need to spend money a lot, but you do want to shop, you need to buy related software, such as promotion software, and template design, if you sell clothing, you have to purchase have inventory. To get traffic, you may also have to drive through a bus or other channels. There are many online stores that use 20% of the current capital as advertising fees.

therefore, want to do the online shop, first you have to have technology, that is how to promote, improve conversion rate and so on. With these, but also the funds as a guarantee, this is a must. I have a friend, is learning art design, graduated two years or so, for online shop operation and design are very good, he also told me to go out alone, do electricity supplier industry. Helpless, financial difficulties, unable to operate. Think about it, if you do the clothing industry, really want to do a little improvement, and there is no tens of thousands of dollars as a cost operation, there is no way to start. So, starting from scratch can only be an empty talk. This shop actually do the same as the ground physical stores, but to know how to operate, while the other links are basically the same. As we are now in the shop, their own design style, pattern making, production, these links are the same and ground approach, the difference is the face of the national consumers in online sales. Therefore, the electricity supplier to do this market, we must train the basic skills, with a certain amount of money in order to operate.

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