The development and operation of gift websites in nternet Era


China’s Internet has experienced nearly 20 years of ups and downs, and after nearly 10 years of rapid development, and now the Internet matures. More than 10 years ago, some forecasters asserted that twenty-first Century would be the age of the Internet, and that people’s lives would not be separated from the Internet, or that many businesses would be carried out online. But in the age when the Internet was not particularly popular, people could not understand their views, and they were regarded as crazy at that time. But in fact, ten years later today, many of those who persist in the "madman" have achieved great success and can even describe their success with "overnight prosperity". As a result, more and more people began to wake up, and even those who thought they were crazy began to worship them". Naturally, the development of the Internet has created a snowball effect, and now the Internet is the trend of future business, almost become a theorem.

, but in any field, there is a game rule, even if the Internet is involved in all traditional industries. So if you want to dig gold in it, you have to be familiar with the rules of the game to win the game. And the writer has never been a big talk man. I only talk about the small pieces that I know. Speaking of the Internet Ecosystem, too, even BAT just three mountains in their respective core direction to achieve dominance; about electronic commerce and business are closely related, is too big, e-commerce operations involving almost all traditional industries; and a small electronic commerce in May is the relative knowledge, also can say a real thing. Because of the large contact gift industry, today to share with you on the development of related websites and operation of personal humble opinion, everyone different views.

first of all, the author talks about the present situation of the gift website, and I sum up in a simple sentence, "opportunities are everywhere, the road is so difficult."". Why do you say that? The online observation after a period of time, there is no giant too much energy in this area, although such as NetEase in the generation of Impressionist cake, but unlike some of the other areas, in the short term to the unshakable position; the author thinks that in this small circle of people who have the opportunity. We think everything is dialectical to see, in front of the small seems to let you see is promising, but how many people in the Internet is a hot head to do, the results is empty; so we must analyze the various impact factors before. As we all know, gifts are changing very fast, and the rate of change is also increasing. This is because the market demand is changing. As digital products, such as a few years ago NOKIA N97 called imperial machine, as it is now the 5 apple, but if today you still take a N97 to show off the street, you dare to say you don’t blush? Perhaps the gift update speed faster than this, so in this industry, you must be fast enough the product update speed, can feel the sharp change of market demand; whether you are homegrown or completely interconnected.

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