What can do to save you from your web site


see this title, perhaps many think of the TV play, but this time I’m not an amazing story, but our website, face the network site on the Internet today, we face new station once and I want to see the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, after and I have the same the webmaster brothers may have the same feelings — what can save you, my station.

at the beginning of 2008, I set up my first new station, but maybe a lot of people won’t believe that I have brought more than 6000 of the IP traffic in more than two months. In fact, what is not impossible, a lot of site traffic to see you is what type of website, want to know is if the site traffic entertainment is a soaring fast oh, maybe, probably as webmaster and I started to chuckle, this rate is high, so good to earn a little money flow estimation should not be a problem. However, I am not a splash you cold water, to remind some webmaster friends, no matter what your station, if you in the short term propaganda coursing down your & SEO brings special good effect, especially those from search engine traffic, does not know is that your website may have been quietly doom the advent of.

my site is what type of, perhaps many of my friends would like to ask, in fact, I said, well, is an entertainment station, station name what not to say, the past is gone. (but I built a new station – China computer network, now named www.520jsj.com, I love you computer, oh) I clearly remember March 1, 2008, ha ha, because that day is my birthday, I was in the cnzz site statistics for the day, soon after my various promotional Tricks (but not major), the link, and then in the webmaster online learning at the site. SEO little, the website also optimized, certainly also has the help of friends. By March 15th, I thought I made a mistake, yes, site traffic has exceeded one thousand, you know, my new station but ah, website after the pseudo processing even, but Baidu and GOOGLE also to face, is also good, but the PV value is very low also, I didn’t notice, at that time, feel smug. To illustrate these is that these are mainly when several popular keywords bring, nothing on his website "false hype", the popular who engage in, sometimes one or two words can bring hundreds, or even thousands of traffic. Horrible! Hehe… I’m not… Secret, for example, to see which is the most popular new, then the little things in their own websites like XXX, high school life, XXX the latest gossip male (female) friends, see the XXX concert, said the latest XXX concert video, then hair everywhere. It was in my "hard work" that soon, on the morning of the second Wednesday of April, when I opened my traffic statistics, it was over 6>

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