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chest sunscreen how to do?

so love to go to the beach sunbathing or like the healthy muscle of women to pay attention to the sun, not just the pursuit of white skin girls to do. Now it has more than one function, is to prevent sagging breasts. You can choose a special sunscreen to help the black black beauty products, and then ease the sun, with particular attention to the cleavage site.

Australia has a survey shows that 85% of women wearing inappropriate bra. The common mistake is that women like to shorten the straps, which makes them feel better about their breasts. Then, this will only make the bra is not fit. The right thing to do is to keep the bra in a straight line around the ribs and back.

, although the chest is a woman’s pride, but if you do not take seriously, it will become their own negative tired, the image of a large reduction. Therefore, in addition to taking good care of their own skin, but also pay attention to take good care of their breasts.

choose the right bra

as we all know, gravity is the cause of sagging breasts. However, one of the ultraviolet radiation is behind. Karyn , an American Department of Dermatology doctor, said, "the sun’s ultraviolet rays break the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin of the breast, making them Grossman."

side sleep will cause the breasts skin wrinkles. Therefore, the maintenance of the chest is also essential. In addition to the usual do not always side to sleep, you can also use some of the ingredients of glycerin emulsion massage chest.

the most perfect chest should be plump firm, if the chest is very large but sagging serious, still no sense of beauty. For Chinese women, due to race and do not love sports and other reasons, we do not look as good as Europe and the United states. It is our pursuit of how to fight sagging breasts and keep them in order to maintain the perfect posture of women.

can also make the chest sagging breasts?

daily life, clothes can be very good for us to block the damage of ultraviolet radiation on the chest. However, wearing less or go to the seaside vacation, sunscreen is an essential lesson. After all, we can not put their bags tightly in the sea, this time, of course, to enjoy the sunshine and play the game ".

chest also wrinkles

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