How do make the public number 50 thousand fans in half a year


The name of

[1] public platform is related to the localization of micro signals.

first of all, I added the top 20 public numbers about entrepreneurship, studying their names and positioning.

second, in Baidu enter "pioneering" these 2 words, found in the top 8, all 28 business opportunities such web site. The traffic of this kind of website is quite tall, basically 10 thousand. I found that the business related words of these websites are basically small entrepreneurship, self starting, college students’ Entrepreneurship and so on.

third, I put all the entrepreneurial Related words to Baidu check the Baidu index, I found the word venture project is the largest, more than 8000, with an average of more than 8000 people a day to search for "entrepreneurial projects" of the word. The second line is college entrepreneurship, and the next is small entrepreneurship.

taking into account the group of college students is not my target population, I chose the "venture project" and "small entrepreneurial" two words combination: "small entrepreneurship project Daquan."".

fourth things, I went to Taobao to find WeChat certified special store. Because I don’t have a small startup website, I have to ask third parties for help. After paying 300 yuan, so registered.

[2] how to attract subscriptions, that is, drainage.

I don’t have the time and energy to do the original. So I paid close attention to 20 competitors about entrepreneurship and subscribed to subscription numbers such as marketing.

read a lot of articles every day, mainly to look at the title, interested, and then point in to see, collect, keep as spare. Start by sending one every day, of course, this one must be a boutique. If you don’t have a boutique, you win by 3 to 4 a day. Content, like nuclear weapons, can help you go further, and by sharing you can bring more subscribers.

another drainage channel is, I also run a personal blog, the blog name is called "WeChat marketing, Hu Ping."". Why do you want to make such a blog?. The public number is a platform for future commercialization, and I want to build a professional marketing target on my personal blog. In that case, the future could bring me a big invisible asset. I strive to produce a good original article every week, and throw it to some high traffic websites, so as to do some drainage for my blog and WeChat public platform. If one of your articles is put on the front page, the traffic and influence are not predictable.

‘s second reason for blogging is that blogs are still a goldmine, especially in Baidu. According to my personal experience, you send some original articles, the effect is very good, which shows the friendliness of Baidu blog. At the moment, there are not many hits on my blog, or about more than 300 hits. This is about 5% of my public subscription population, a dozen or more every day

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