A5 buy topic essay by A5 Adsense buy nets talk about


group buying network has mushroomed in recent years, according to statistics, the domestic group buying network has more than 1000. Market economy is where there is demand, there is supply. The emergence of so many "buy nets", indicating that this market is promising. In recent years, with the popularization of broadband and the efforts of Taobao, people’s awareness of online consumption has taken shape. Especially in big cities, young people tend to prefer online shopping. But compared to China’s hundreds of millions and continued growth of Internet users, potential consumers, the online shopping market prospects are very promising. Online shopping, consumers in recognition of the quality of goods under the premise, of course, will first consider the purchase of more price advantages and services of goods. But one of the biggest advantages of group buying is undoubtedly price.

in such a large consumer market environment, A5 webmaster recently water test group buying, so far has organized 18 issues. The author is also the webmaster of the old users, in the 14 group purchased a set of software. A5 Adsense buy nets can grow and develop? I think the most concerned about this problem is the webmaster network, the author as a consumer, more concerned about the question is whether in the A5 Adsense nets to better price to buy what I need commodity. As grassroots entrepreneurs, concerned about the A5 Adsense buy network of entrepreneurial process, such as success, learning is often easier to succeed. I dull, try SWOT analysis, simple analysis of A5 Adsense network group, is self learning, but also want to start a discussion.

SWOT analysis also known as trend analysis, it is more than 20 years ago by the American management professor Heinz proposed by Weihrich, SWOT four English letter representing the advantages and disadvantages: (Strength) (Weakness), opportunity, threat (Opportunity) (Threat). The author from these four aspects analysis, A5 Adsense buy.


favorable platform, as one of the three major webmaster nets A5 webmaster network, in the webmaster profession has a good corporate image. For example, A5 Group buy goods, I buy no doubt that there will be fake, counterfeit or even fraud. As a A5 community’s old users, I have a full confidence in this platform. A5 Adsense buy now target customers limited to A5 webmaster users, A5 BBS up to now, registered members have 331684, daily posting quantity has nearly 2W paste. How many traffic and active members are there, I don’t know. Is it true that there are thousands of them every day?. The characteristics of this group of people are basically doing site related, it is clear that this group of people’s online consumer awareness more ability. The quality of this group is also a small market share. The early stage relies on own platform, does not need the advertisement investment, this part of advertisement investment also reduced the management cost. More cost effective goods are needed. A5 technology, now in group purchase estimates are speculative, once profitable, believe they have the ability to invest more in the.A5 group purchase technical service organization may like the A5 task network, become "

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