Novice webmaster primitive man event panic


July 2nd 14 PM, after lunch I opened the computer, in Chinese station saw a news titled "Taizhou original network telecommunications failures for property preservation procedure", I thought he was dazzled, he rubbed his eyes and continue to watch the end of the news, watching the news for primitive man absconded with the money, I was still not willing to believe this fact, such a big company, was interviewed by IDC circle, made ads on CHIANZ, to run away and ran? Simply called "run" was renamed.

is the original people feel wonder when events run away, I suddenly thought of my rent and flat-share space seems to be placed in the primitive man’s room, oh, this is over, and website? I raised my nervous hands on the keyboard to knock down his website:, the site opened, but also access suddenly, relieved, but then I thought, if these servers are telecommunications for preservation, check the web server is not open? And I tired ears fast speed of the backup to the website.

done on the site after the backup I now own website has been more than a week has not been backed up, but this is not a good habit, so long time not to do backup, if the event of force majeure server hang, website is in trouble, it seems many old webmaster to keep in good words from the bottom of the heart the heart, the website must often make a backup job, but a lot of things to their own experience to bear in mind, the original man primitive man, you give me the lesson, in this life I can not forget you.

in the evening to update the site, server speed, is very unstable, sometimes even can not access, no less let me bother. The fire is found in Wikipedia’s own English, when his own translation, written in the background, click release, website suddenly open, then the translation materials and no archive, busy for half an hour, alas, the original man primitive people, you do not really get way! I finally patiently, constantly refresh the website updated.

July 3rd, I was shopping in the A5 website, the forum found that many webmaster friends website has not visit, there is no way to backup, crying sound of a web site server, glad that she can visit, than their more fortunate, but also hope that the webmaster friends as soon as possible and misery, after all, many webmaster spent a lot of effort on his website, the pain and joy, to their own personal experience to experience


finally live the victim webmaster friends waiting for the day, many webmaster website can be visited, and promised to return the Taizhou Telecom station server, finally to restore some of the losses, but also can not help feeling: the state and the head of the money is not good this help guy away, remember it is not clear what movie said: owed, sooner or later have to repay. I want >

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