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believes that many webmaster friends will know you dedecms this website program, and this program is popular with many people, because he is able to generate static pages, it is very easy to SEO Optimization Website, in addition. The use of simple procedures, as most of the corporate website and website owners preferred. But in the process of using the dream will encounter some problems and troubles, Peng Jian today to share with you some of the details of the problem and the use of techniques.

The application of

, a brief title.

we all know, the search engine is very immature for image recognition technology, so we add ALT labels for search engines understand the pictures in the picture, but when the use of dream weaving program of the station, some picture thumbnail page, column page does not have a place to fill in the description of the problem.

many friends would think of modifying the code directly, adding the title tag to the ALT tag, so it would be a long sentence to describe a picture. For SEO we will know doing so can make search engines generally understand the meaning of picture, but also had some problems: 1, ALT tags inside the text will be added to the total number of bytes of the page, thereby reducing our keyword density on this page. 2, to add to the picture, the best is to use the simplest words to explain, but I put a full title up, so it is not very helpful to illustrate the meaning of the picture. So these methods do not solve the problem of picture captions.

when released in the dream, we often omit the fill in some places, such as the short title. In a default template, the short title did not appear, so many people think he is not a function of the title. Because he has no fixed place to use, but it is a label we put him with pictures, we only need to put every article thumbnail inside the text want to load the ALT information to fill in the short title, then the ALT attribute in the template for the call out of the picture on this the title tag can be simple. As shown in Figure:


ALT tags show

two, domain name standardization problem

When the

in the call if there is no dream for a particular setting, system call list is some relative address. As follows:


relative address display

we each site will have 2 names, one with WWW and one with WWW, and even some websites have three domain names, so this is a relative address call causes an article 3 addresses, if not do 301 redirection.

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