How does the big website get rid of the curse of domain name


following the last write "domain name": the important factors influence the website development has received unexpected response to many webmaster friends, can add my QQ exchange! So my QQ friends just within a week to fill, publicity visible Admin5 is big


I have recently observed some very injured in the "domain name" on the "big" site, of course, that is the "big" site because they take the risk of investment, the high visibility! Is not in accordance with the principle of big website. Because the domain name is a website sign, also can say is a website of basic, if even this don’t understand, basically match in the Internet mix, more don’t deserve to do what "big" website.

06 years in the period -07 was very active kupengwang, recently seems to have died down, beginning 09 years almost no what the media reported. A 06 year to get $5 million angel investment sites, prospects and patterns are very good, but insisted on using a ring in the dumbfounding domain name: To say that’s business model is very mature, the United States has a similar website successfully listed! An electronic coupon for business promotion, marketing media platform can track, can be quantified, can interact, how perfect the marketing mode! Say mode have to mention the Ogilvy Inc team of 100 Ogilvy Inc Chinese heard! Companies can create more than 10 billion marketing revenue, this is almost a myth in the advertising industry and the main investor! That is the company’s manager Naomi! Can detect precision marketing and effect to users is almost all advertising companies and advertising companies all over the world dream of things! Whether it is television advertising still, outdoor advertising, brochures, and how much is put into the target customer groups kupengwang electric? Sub coupons merchant POS machine can solve this problem, if the user group is large enough, can detect the user’s behavior, data analysis, and then to the merchant market feedback data is more precious than gold. At the same time, you can establish a complete user database! Expert analysis, once the market mature, the market as high as hundreds of billions of


is such a good project! Even the manager of Ogilvy is interested in the project. After running N for many years, it is no longer active. Of course, it is related to many factors. But the domain name is still a curse that can’t escape. If I want to say that the domain name of, 1 billion of the propaganda funds may not be able to let 100 thousand people remember, most of you would like to raise their hands to agree with you,


domain name is the cornerstone of a website, it can spend money to solve! Can not solve, or due to the leader’s face (refuses to admit his original mistake), not willing to spend money to solve, I’m here to give you a


, the most typical web site is mango Web

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