A brief discussion on the sudden emergence of regional tourism websites


now, tourism has become an important part of the national economy. Since the reform and opening to the outside world, China’s tourism industry has made great achievements. Most notably, China has become a major tourist country by the big country of tourism resources, and tourism has become a new growth point of the national economy. Statistics show that the total income of tourism is close to 900 billion yuan, and the tourism industry is directly engaged in nearly 10 million people. The tourism industry has become a big industry with hundreds of millions of people’s livelihood.

experts pointed out that in our country is facing an economic slowdown, domestic demand is insufficient, vigorously develop the tourism industry, especially the tourism e-commerce is rising, will become the effective means of expanding domestic demand, which rely on well-known tourism province regional tourism site is expected to become the main force.

now, encouraged by the good development of the developed countries tourism e-commerce, and promote domestic computer network information technology development, since 1990s, our country’s tourism e-commerce development is very rapid, almost all of the enterprises of different shades of "net", according to industry estimates, the existing more than 5000 websites related to tourism.

, a regional tourism website based on provinces and cities with rich tourism resources, has a unique advantage in stimulating tourism and boosting domestic demand, the official said. It is reported that the Hunan tourism service network, in the service of Hunan tourism purposes, with rich product resources, has been built with travel information, business meetings, travel service, car rental, ticket booking, ground service complete tourism website.

industry insiders pointed out that on the one hand this kind of regional tourism website can attract more national "tourist" window, on the other hand, has become the province of tourism enthusiasts to the country, an important channel and even to the world; the depth of the development of domestic tourism resources, stimulating tourism consumption will play a crucial role. I understand that, to Hunan tourism service network, for example, the current site of the amount of browsing has been rising, and directly create profits are relatively impressive. Hunan is a famous tourist destination, whether it is the natural beauty of Zhangjiajie, or Shaoshan red red tour, or Hunan delicious snacks, specialty goods, has a strong attraction, and Hunan tourism service network will spread through the interaction and the inherent advantages of the Internet, for overseas tourists to Hunan tourism, provide convenient support.

According to

report Swiss market survey AI, the current size of the domestic tourism industry market close to 900 billion yuan, the online travel booking market reached 850 million yuan, accounting for 0.1% of GDP, compared with 32% in America, 12% in europe. The above data show that China’s tourism online market space is very large, such as Hunan tourism service network can achieve scale benefits, the site will certainly have good development space. At the same time, tourism also cultivates and promotes the "soft power" of countries and regions, and the vigorous development of regional tourism websites will certainly promote the development of regional tourism culture and become a regional culture

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