How do websites increase user stickiness


enhances user stickiness, that is, increasing web PV browsing and recall rates. This is very important for the webmaster who depends on content.

then what kind of website users sticky, how to improve the stickiness of the site users? I through the observation of some sites and their own site experience, summed up the following points:

, which allows users to directly obtain the content of the desired site, users sticky

users in order to find the required content only in your site, and if found in your station what he wanted, he would have been browsing down, then you will join the collection site, so your site PV and return rate will be higher. If a website allows users to actively add to favorites, then this site should be more successful. To do this is difficult, requiring web content professional, garbage content is very small. If the browser sees all junk articles on your website, then he won’t come second more times. For example, the "energy-saving" ( has been able to do so much traffic, on the one hand may be because of its relationship with; on the other hand, a hand is also very important, is that it is always from the user’s point of view the content. The first time to see the station, thought a dumpster (because the web design is very simple), but now it seems that this station does have its attractions, you can look at the message board it, AdSense for almost every message reply, the message content is mostly for tablets. I think we should be able to understand one thing: the content is not necessarily the more the better, to the user useful content is good content.

two, users own their own web site users sticky high

has a user’s own stuff, which embodies a very important idea in Web2.0: let users create their own content. But if the user does not get any benefits, it does not add content to the site. Today’s forums and some video sites, there are very few users who really add content to the site. How to let users take the initiative to add content, this is what I have been considering. I recently made a station "", you can say that a little smart, cleverly solved the problem. I found a can add keywords and then automatically generate the relevant content of the website program, then the following is written on the website marked the location of a paragraph: you can create your own favorite topics, the system will automatically search and generate related content, you can selectively delete inappropriate content or add your own love hands-on content. And share with friends, come try it! Then I added a button – recommendation and collection, allowing users to web page collection will or sent to friends on qq. So down, promotion effect will be very good.


  in fact, this method is summed up in one sentence

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