Community operation book how to motivate community users to create valuable content


What is the core of the

community operation? The author thinks that the core can be summarized in two points: let users create valuable content, and the content spread out, the two process explains the core operation of the community, only these two work well, the community can be a virtuous cycle of the state. Today, let’s talk about the first job, and how to guide users to create valuable content.


How does

guide community users to create valuable content

guides users in creating content: sense of honor + physical reward + sense of participation + sense of belonging


A lot of people in the community to play

, because they can not get in the community can give life in the sense of honor, such as in life, you may be a security guard, but in the community you can become a million people admire the great God, this is your life cannot be retrieved. There are many ways to give users a sense of honor, rankings, grades, medals, etc. here, share a case I’ve worked on:

I took a

before the community, popular poor community content quality is not high, in order to encourage users to share valuable content, we talked about cooperation with micro-blog, users in the community published an article by adding essence, can be directly micro-blog V user a sense of honor to be meet, on the other hand the user V is also equal to the user in micro-blog to help us make propaganda.

finally, we got hundreds of high-quality content and raised the community’s popularity by more than 10 times. (out of low-key principle, specific plus V information mosaic, interested can search under micro-blog)


give users a sense of honor means a lot: I suggest the full combination of their own resources, micro innovation, you have to give users other communities can not, the user will like to come here.

material reward

due to the Internet industry has been greatly valued, many companies take the investment after the super rich, willing to in this regard "under their". But unfortunately, the author’s product team is not the kind of tyrant, can give the user material incentives are limited. In the case of limited funds, I think we can start from these two aspects:

customize the peripheral gifts of your product:

, as the class God says, gives users less than they can buy in their lives. But now this is basically everyone doing, when a thing everyone is doing, you should strive to do better than others, the surrounding gifts as art to design. For example, exquisite design, packaging exquisite, express when put on a personal letter from CEO (print) and so on.

addresses user needs:

The essence of

products is resolution >

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