Analysis of the conditions for the successful operation of local real estate network


local websites because the promotion is simple, the audience is relatively concentrated, the operation is relatively simple, so it became the main form of many grassroots webmaster engage in construction site, site types in various places, the local real estate network seems to attract more users, after all transactions and information of the house, can bring huge profits but in the last few years, the website! Real estate has become the object of national key attack, so a lot of local real estate network also entered the operation difficult dilemma, but I believe that the real estate market no matter how cold, but the rigid demand is still very strong, so cool the real estate market is still pregnant with enormous opportunities, see you how to make your site more loyal customers! The author after the research discovery, now the local real estate network to be successful, the key is to grasp. The two core points of the camp, that is, website content and promotion, are analyzed in detail below,


1: do a good job in the construction of local real estate network

The content of

is the site of the flesh, if there is no content, local real estate net is not to attract the user’s attention, in fact, the role of local real estate network is playing more intermediary role, imagine a real estate intermediary, housing scarce, and the price is very expensive, there is no way to attract users, and a real estate intermediary. Housing relates to the major real estate City, real estate price is divided into three, so it can attract different levels of users constantly ask, visible content construction is the key elements of local real estate net, but the content of how to build


many people may think of the original, I think this idea is not correct, the local real estate net content is not what you want to be changed, usually to owners or partners to go out to the local real estate information were collected, and then processed, although the original degree of difference, but because properly finish, there will still be a very good reference value to the user, and this information must be accurate, the content should be combined with local real estate network keywords, can not content and site keywords is not involved, such content is not likely to make a success of the local real estate network


also local real estate network construction must build good relations with many local real estate intermediary, when the operation began, the release of information should be free, let the real estate intermediary to find an online platform to advertise their houses, of course, these houses are subject to appropriate checks some intermediary, to prevent users deceived by publishing false information, to know others cheated in the intermediary, will put the anger to the local real estate net, so be sure to check and found the problem must be punished! When another agency released information, but also to follow the local real estate net content release principle, to ensure that these intermediaries will not deviate from the core keywords


two: promotion of local real estate network

has a very good content, the need for promotion, now they can not rely on wine to attract people to taste.

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