Give up high salaries from foreign companies learn from HTML do station


a time for web site has been almost 2 years, a road full of hardships. Now, the website is beginning to get back on track, and briefly share some of the experiences of A5 with friends.


with a partner before at a top IT company, it should be said is a comparison of the envy of others position, but bureaucratic of the company so that I can not end, it should be said that this company is one of the most bureaucratic companies in the world (no one). This also lets me suppress in the heart for a long time enterprise dream burst out.

After a thorough communication with our

partners, we decided to implement a website of our own. In order to be able to devote ourselves wholeheartedly, we all chose to resign. At that time, think


method can be very naive, feel the website online, users crazy, money comes, do not start work has put the business plan well, investors expect large sums of money to support us.

‘s overly naive and optimistic ideas have left us suffering for quite a long time.

is the first business model immature, this may also be the most Internet entrepreneurs easily made a mistake, feel that their model is perfect, users and investors will be very willing to pay. In fact, far from it, the only person who actually gets venture capital support is a minority, and most people don’t have the money to invest, and eventually the project can only be left. And the crazy reports in the domestic media make people think it is very simple to get money from the venture capital, so that many people including us are lost. In the business model and financing, our experience is: want to others for money, he must first input, I do not want to invest, indicating a lack of confidence, what others might have confidence? The second is the design of their own business model, so that they can be able to live without outside funding situation, because capital is profit, risk investment will never send carbon snow, just icing on the cake, you must.

followed by our ignorance of the Internet industry, although in the company every day in the use of the Internet, but only to work and personal needs at ordinary times, for the industry did not understand. I knew for the first time about Alexa Rankings when I was on the site for 4 or 5 months. Now I blush when I think about it. A lack of understanding of the domestic search engine, because before never use Baidu, do not understand the SEO website, first edition came out of the search engine is not entirely friendly, is a direct result of visits at the beginning has been stagnant. Here would like to focus on that point, if it is to do some innovative Internet applications, be sure to check whether there are other companies have done, we found that creative ideas before the finish has basically been Google Calendar realized, had to do a great degree of transformation.

is finally technically, though I and >

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