The recipe is shaping the bodybuilding breast health network female fix


3, shower massage chest

2, let the chest do aerobic breathing

4, buy

also need chest movement, so as to make the chest more tightly. It is best to keep swimming for 20 minutes every other day, giving the chest a healthy aerobic Spa. In addition, the work of the gap to do more chest movement, but also can play the role of breast. In the diet, the right amount of beef, soy, fish, eggs, mung bean sprouts, etc., but also for a short period of time, the effect of breast.

shaping underwear


looking for a professional underwear shop, so the store of breast experts to help you measure your actual bust, then choose the most suitable for your underwear. The correct size of the underwear can shape the shape of the breast, to prevent the expansion and sagging breasts. In addition, the instant magic underwear can also make you a cup of instant upgrade 2 Size

2, polished chest belt

1, the use of breast cream

after the bath, breast cream or breast emulsion containing plant protein composition and activities of breast enhancement factor, to massage, to increase breast elasticity. Massage, first breast cream or breast emulsion evenly, follow the "from bottom to top, from the outside to the inside in the direction of using four fingers to massage, then gently pat alternately at the bottom of breast. So that over time, you can clearly see the Furu narrow chest, also become more compact.




woman because of black areola pigmentation. Don’t worry, we can use special areola fade cream to improve. In addition, if you want to work fast, a lot of professional beauty institutions have ultrasonic technology, can directly import the pink areola areola, black areola restoration girlish pink.

1, chest skin pores invisible

more pink areola

if the chest skin pores are thick, no doubt will seriously affect the appearance. At this time, can be a small amount of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in 10 times of water with cotton take a little, gently deposited in the chest for 5 minutes, and then the alcohol free toner shrink pores, and finally coated with Firming Lotion, such as your chest will definitely brighten a lot of

chest skin with facial skin, also want to care, clear dead skin aging. Can be used to stimulate the smaller exfoliating lotion to clear the horny, you can do 1~2 times a week. It should be noted that the exfoliating must be coated moisturizing lotion. Conditional, you can use the pleural before going to bed to moisturize the skin of the chest.

bath time can also be breast oh. The shower, wash the chest with shower, the water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees, at least rinse for 1 minutes, this method can make your breasts remain strong flexible, more flexible.

3, let


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