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On the day of the birth of

from the network we have, than big companies that cash rich we may not be what, but precisely because of our existence, more or less to promote the prosperity of the network, to speed up the progress, the popularity of the Internet in the process, so our contribution is great.

than an individual stationmaster, the entrepreneurial nature of small Internet companies may be lucky, they have supported the necessary funds and technology, do well at any time can attract venture of all ages, but more is those of us single-handed, a person as the role of the individual owners, called small station. No financial support is difficult to imagine how far we can go, there are also some good points can make a station to help others processing the technical nature of the work to maintain a website operating expenses, more owners are slowly boil, a thought cast in site, look forward to the day to recover the cost, the best result is to achieve the dream of entrepreneurship through it, although I don’t even know how to grasp, just blindly adhere to the position.

had to put money on the head front mentioned, realistic, a website for 1 years 2 years did not make a mark you do there mean? Do stand in addition to fun outside is to realize its value, otherwise you do it? Why spend so much effort? Learn to make money, make a money minded webmaster! Otherwise, sooner or later you will go home.

on how to make money? Flow? It seems that the current flow is not so easy to do, now collected a pile of each station, if can a few hundreds of thousands a month IP, IP estimates the Internet chaos, so traffic is not easy to do. If you start early, the station is a few years ago the development of today, perhaps you already have a lot of flow accumulation, then I advise you: pay close attention to the use of natural! Don’t die by itself, this station, you should use the edge of law development and the station on the edge of the station, traffic is easy to drive for example, the Education station can consider the development of an English learning station, the station for free, what the study section of the information station, drive each other, complement each other, make full use of each ip. This is not to say that you like advertising, but some of the most suitable advertising revenue, so as to supplement your station content can, if collocation is not good, do not say not disturb advertising website what good advertising revenue. Under comprehensive consideration, also take the Education Station as an example, advertising can choose Google, Adsense, Yahoo directional, Baidu theme promotion, appropriate coordination Dangdang or outstanding advertising, the effect is good. Do not mess with, put those male roots advertising, popups, advertising, and so on, are very bad.

I appreciate those who are good at using each flow of webmaster, will make money webmaster is smart webmaster, can go farther. Have a friend he had in mind, a free bokee.com for a blog specializes in selling books, the search is in front of the optimization, because the optimization of the key word is very good, strong pertinence, so every day, although only about 100 IP but each.

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