Music website tragedy why is it always you


China original base 5sing and accompaniment network wo99 have hang up, 5sing has been cold dog two level domain name rebirth, wo99 still in the domain name pause analytic state. Music website development road always seems to be ill fated: also show also show a DB Jujing music network, passed away quietly, plus the music website is still not forming the commercial profit model, destiny music network will also continue, mode of death hidden behind in the end what is the reason? Not cater to the public, do not conform to the environment is not. Why do you always hurt.

DB network: also after the show also show vulgar difficult brake

In 2003 163888

music website, network to cover music, original music network, has launched many famous music network, but then finally because of the market downturn in 2007 to try transformation mode of transformation "online show" the most when, from flying head hill called Phoenix, "after the transition before the aftertaste whether the modification model of DB network has become like a nude chat site, but also with the managers of the DB network to end.

The cause of death

DB networks: market environment change (network singer, difficult to push) to find the transformation not cautious, profit a user should eventually vulgar, lost his center value, down to the pit.

: music stardom + strong backing "aloof" attitude

April 2013, the whale page with a history of seven years, suddenly can not access, in the face of the user questions remain closed for more than a month of the whale music, only in the official website of micro-blog had a simple replies: "I’m sorry, please try again later, then no message.

we look at the location and type of gigantic whale net, the main business website is genuine music free preview and download time, Jujing network created by Yao Ming and his agent has invested $3 million, then subsequent investment and has won the Google Jujing network, from birth on the suffering of the halo of gigantic whale net has been insisting his tall on the route, perhaps it is because the star personal and business support, not bad money to launch genuine music music search service (in cooperation with Google,


China music website market environment more complex than a dream, Google exit China market after the whale suffered a serious blow, but the whale also tried to cooperate with other search engines to launch an independent music search, but finally failed. The whale network had respectively in the 07 and 09 year two refused to VC investment, the attitude of a remarkable high, the cause of death under the banner of "genuine" music service website: Google exit China market environment changes, not like that year old hero, but there is none of the shelf.

final transformation failed.

, 5sing, wo99 page to stop parsing: a borrow original comeback, >

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