Rookie webmaster site a month of feeling


site a month, have been included in the engine of joy, more in just 20 days by Baidu included 15 pages after the surprise, the second day was Baidu abandoned deep loss:)

I know that time is short, thinking of being included in Baidu itself is a kind of good wishes, which is a kind of impossible delusion! Especially for 800 times the fate of such space station is much more formal.

, but look at the Webmaster Station introduced above promotion soft text and included experience, it seems that I look up to the horizon of delusions are some Pediatrics, what "a week by Baidu included", "a week IP thousand."". I can’t imagine that my website is open for a month, but there are only a few GG traffic every day. Why is it so depressing?

in the flow exchange alliance, spent 200 for nearly thousands of Damao, traffic, but is invalid "colored" flow, never place, and then never walk, waved, without any dust. Why is it so depressing?

no way, to learn their methods, to other forum Post Bar, turn a few forum, made a few posts, the result is no mention of the site, there is no effect, will have the effect, did not see the result will be deleted. Why is it so depressing?

saw some people say Baidu can know the website advertising because there are open and aboveboard, sources of information. This one! Wow, slobber flow out faster, quickly. Register a number, quickly answer the problems of others, take the web site, well, yes, sure enough, very happy, and then answer, carefully answer questions, and finally bring the web site. Hair 4, 5 stick, turn head to see, faints. Replies disappear. Baidu seems to be included in the day before and after the disappearance of the reasons may also be related to replies advertising, the light went to the depressed, not too pay attention to whether there is association, in short, how a depressing!


road Rome Road, had to start over, find Links to build several road to spider, which is also a successful person is very reasonable, but the wise remark of an experienced person. One is not included in Baidu, GG PR and 0 new sites, want to build a road! Can Namailu money! Don’t money, good ah, the chain is no problem, second days to see, be removed, now this man, even if the links are not so professional cheat, even at least a little patience no! A depressed


for now, in a group purchase links in Admin5, see the spider climb to love? Please send two moderators, post, enrich website content, yourself? Even climb lattice, the level is not high, the original is not! Not a good method, we use the most stupid way: go its own way no way, let the spider.

well, what a depressing thing,

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