Song Yanguo the opportunity for website construction is for the people who are prepared


now many companies have been obsessed with the actual effect of online marketing, rather than consider the process of online marketing. Once the effect of network marketing is not obvious, it is difficult to find out exactly what is wrong with it. Is it the method, the strength, or the execution?. Around a big circle, but finally found that the site is the problem. This song Yanguo encounter a lot of things, so today is to talk about the construction site this thing.

1. Without investigation, there is no right to speak,

is also investigating websites. Yes, it is. It’s an important part of the survey. Investigate what? Investigate your competitors, investigate your direction of optimization, and investigate the market.

competitor investigation, we first clear our industry website construction competition. For example, the opponent’s website information, their network marketing strategy, their website construction technology, operation mode and so on. In this way, a comprehensive survey will help guide the direction of our website construction. We can Yangchangbuduan, to make use of their advantages, and improve our shortcomings.

as far as the market is concerned, most companies should be able to do that. Because we can only make clear the current product and marketing situation in the market, we can formulate the appropriate network marketing strategy, so that our website construction will focus on our strategy to approach. Do not blindly for the pursuit of distinctive, and deviated from the needs of the market. The most important thing is that the initial construction of the website is crucial to the conversion rate of the website, which we will introduce below.

two, website optimization considerations

website optimization is one of the most important pieces of network marketing. Go well, you can win the overall situation. Select keywords, here or to look at the market as well as the opponent’s keyword selection. For enterprises themselves, the choice of key words is simple, feasible, and also marketing. Don’t stack keywords, that’s no big deal. We emphasize the choice of keywords, in fact, is not the latter, the early construction of the site need to pay attention to this point, or else the site can not do a good job layout.

of course, the goal of website optimization, or the goal of website construction, we should also be ready. At this stage, for example, what you need to do is calculate how much sales you need every month when the daily cost is zero. Then you need to set a percentage target for monthly sales growth, and keep in mind these goals, which will be an important piece of data for website construction.

three, the layout of the site with

Buddha by gold, people rely on clothes. Similarly, the website also has "Install", this "Install" it is its big layout. There used to be a furniture business that asked why we visited fewer and fewer websites. I went to their website to see, the layout is very messy, and the product information, pages, pages are not clear, so that people have a look, do not know where to find. You can’t find it. How can the customer find it?

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