Personal experience about what webmasters need to do


of tens of thousands of small owners, every day do not know what to do and what it was sending machine chain, that the more the chain, the higher the weight, in fact, the chain is not good also may bring negative effects to the site, the chain will bring a variety of serious risk (soared to K off).

station we must first put the mentality, do not browse the site to value, to their own station scoring first, I can’t, for the intelligent search for words, also won’t have good ranking for you. Still have some new stationmaster, begin to do station to be collected desperately, in fact this kind of practice is just ahead of time to oneself station sentenced death penalty. Even if included, the amount of the amount does not represent the site weight and flow, so we must attentively to do every content, pseudo original is also a very good method.

good content, the most important thing is the chain, and we are not often heard that the content is king, the chain for the emperor? He must have reason.

most website optimization people often exist three days of drying nets two days fishing habits, sometimes whim, suddenly burst out a few soft Wen;

once registered dozens of blogs, forums; it is that from time to time once passed, and we have to do is to have patience, timing quantitative every day outside the chain of high quality, do not stare at the ranking data, included weight, index, website is not a day to do.

I think it takes a few minutes every day to look at the status of the day, snapshot, keywords, rankings, and IIS logs. We should spend time on the edge of the knife and do what we should do. Because the collection, snapshot, good or bad indicators, not because you stare at all these data will be able to improve.

do the chain should pay attention to the following 4 points:

1, do not cheat, do not use tools, mass, black chain and other

Once the

search engine to determine the site of cheating, will drop right, or by K, then struggling before you will be cast to waste. Therefore, regardless of the circumstances in which we have to withstand the temptation, loneliness, don’t cheat. Web site is not developed overnight, as long as we step by step to do, ranking will naturally come up.

2, the chain to have a wide range, the chain to site diversity, the stability of the chain

extensive link means that when we build the chain, we should "cast a net", and don’t let the chain concentrate on several fixed platforms. If one day your site pulled the black or the platform suddenly closed, then everything will vanish like soap bubbles.

3, the chain should be released daily quantitative, not three days fishing, two days drying nets, focusing on persistence.

I’ve just started having this kind of problem. Sometimes I’m in a bad mood and don’t even add it for a few days

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