PC and mobile terminals to achieve through QQ space for mobile community products 4 enlightenment


on the last day of the May Day holiday at noon, QQ space team announced: "only one day in May 2nd, QQ space to upload photos had exceeded the number 510 million!" we used to calculate, even if calculated according to the per capita 3 pictures, QQ space daily active users will post up to 170 million according to public data, this! At least 3 times the number of active users of the Sina micro-blog



QQ has been space seem mysterious and low-key, I have seen in the contact areas of the most direct example is the Guangzhou Netcom QQ space mother – mother and infant APP circle, data show that they are only 8 months almost created a mother network.

superficial said, mom circle of tens of millions of doses of QQ, 500 million space images can be briefly described: the mobile Internet era, the community still has important value, and mobile community user quality is also very good. I think the more significant thing is that through the QQ space development case, we can find some reference experience for the future development of mobile communities.

through QQ space and other Tencent products related and content related logic, through data tracking analysis, we can generally get 4 valuable enlightenment:

1, in the community platform products, to achieve through, especially PC and mobile terminal through.

QQ space from the product line can be seen, the Tencent better treatment "desktop QQ – QQ space" and "mobile phone QQ, QQ space", "WeChat circle of friends, QQ space" products; outside the two instant communication social relations, through the QQ space to establish a set of asynchronous users of social relations. This is the basis for the formation of such a large quantity of high-quality content in QQ space.

we see QQ space in Tencent’s product line is a very important part, like a link to QQ, WeChat associated, the mobile terminal and PC side associated. Even we can think: WeChat, mobile phones, QQ, QQ space can become Tencent’s 3 mobile Internet tickets. To be more exact, Tencent’s response to mobile is not an independent product, but a closely integrated line of products.

2, in the mobile Internet era, we need to rethink the content manufacturing mechanism. For example, the content creation mechanism in QQ space is accomplished by a unique "storage + social" function.

in the field of social product, there has been a contradiction: altruistic or selfish? Remember when mogujie.com team experience once said, they will button by "sharing" to "collection and sharing", and bring the content increase several times.

The content storage logic in

QQ space is very similar to this: QQ space is, first of all, the most powerful and autonomous product, fully determined by the wishes of the space owner. Thus, from the point of view of selfishness, the user’s logic is >

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