Returning home to lead the rich chicken farmers alternative entrepreneurial life


many rural people have to go out to work to make money, accumulated a certain amount of money, many people now choose to return home, want to gain a great career, so is the idea of Li Congjiang, the only difference is that he quickly achieved success.

Work with

2001, 16 year old Li Congjiang out of work, in Chengdu, Wenjiang, a farmhouse engaged in food and beverage services. Farmhouse business is good, one called "beggar chicken" dish order rate is very high, the value of the original "chicken is so high?" The impression gradually entered Li Congjiang’s mind. Two years later, he went to Guangdong, Qingyuan engaged in food and beverage services.

"migrant workers who do not want to go home, but do not know what to do after home." Li Congjiang said he and the side of migrant workers found that as long as the home has the opportunity, they are willing to go home, but many people do not know what they can do after going home. Less than 20 year old Li Congjiang thought, those who are now working for the age of more than and 40, is his tomorrow, he wants to change this phenomenon, only choose an unknown road.

a coincidence, perhaps fate. Li Congjiang thought of the first project is to raise pigs, he has a colleague who is a native of Qingyuan, relatives of colleagues, the benefits of pig is not bad. One day, two people went to the bookstore, buy the books of the two breeding, a pig, a chicken. "I think the book did not look into the pig, chicken have read in." Li Congjiang said that after reading the book on the blood boil, the book is an example of success, he thought he would soon be successful.

snapadoo, three days after Li Congjiang handled the resignation, introduction relatives going to a farm work. Guangdong is the main recommendation of broiler breeding in China

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