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breast cancer examination in three steps:

3, don’t take drugs and health care products containing estrogen, eat more vegetables, fruit and fish.

2, touch the breast and axillary: supine on the bed, then a drop arm up, with the other hand touch the breast is the same, if the other side is also abnormal and on the side of the same part of further comparison, if found a lump or pain, not heavy press or grabbing, timely to the hospital examination and treatment.

3, squeeze the areola and nipple areola and nipple: extrusion, and observe whether there is outflow of liquid, especially breast secretions have brown liquid or blood flow, we must promptly to the hospital may be intraductal tumor.

4, is to ease the pressure, keep the mood cheerful.

5, is to maintain a certain amount of exercise.

1, to maintain normal weight, fat accumulation is too much, estrogen production increases, the continuous stimulation of the breast, over time, easy to cause breast cancer.

breast health care   from now on

1, observe the breast shape: you can stand in front of the mirror and face the mirror on both sides of the breast has what observed abnormalities, mainly observed changes in the size of breast, breast shape is symmetric, the contour is changed or not, there is no attention nipple bloody discharge etc..

2, eat fried, puffed food, ice cream and other high oil, high fat foods,

in November 2014, the economy has stopped all her work arrangements, in December when the state is still very good, and very optimistic, but in January this year, suddenly serious illness. January 16, 2015 at 16:55 in the afternoon, the famous young singer Yao Beina because of the recurrence of breast cancer in Shenzhen Hospital of Peking University, died at the age of 33.

breast cancer in the past 50 to more than 60 years of age, women are now approaching young white-collar women increasingly. The pressure is too large, the rest time is not stable, over nutrition, high protein, high fat diet, it will stimulate the proliferation of mammary glands, accompanied by a mutation in the cell.

breast cancer has become one of the most malignant tumors in China

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