Talk about the experience of doing web site for two years


has been doing this website for two years in a blink of an eye. The excitement at the beginning has been transformed into current love and concentration. In the past two years, a lot of things have happened, many choices have created the present situation. It can not be said to be very successful, but it is also a good one. My income can basically catch up with my classmates who have been looking for jobs since they graduated from university. Now the students party, talk about the experience of the past two years, life is the most rich I.

I am a art college graduates, have professional employment situation is not, and I don’t want to itself as early as 8 to 6 of the life, and then discuss their friends together to do a website, the choice is we are familiar with the field of art website. We are both art students, and there are many resources in this area. We didn’t have much difficulty in starting, but we really wanted to do it, but it took us a lot of time and energy.

art service website, was probably counted more than 20, each experience after careful analysis, we found that such sites are large, seemingly very comprehensive, but the real candidates for something useful but not much, really do good is only two or three, other because of the homogenization of serious and lively, but also lose money, only insiders know.

I was in Shandong, went to college in Shandong, Shandong is the most populous province of Arts candidates, we do not like most counterparts, across the country, we only do we know and do the market segmentation, better, more professional, more attention to art area entrance network station, we give ourselves. The target, the slogan is: "Shandong focus, attention to arts test, this is our own requirements, but also to the examinee, customer commitment.

has just started, there are also some homogenization problems, not really provide original things, search engines rarely flow naturally go up, we ask more, thanks to many of the old owners to help find the reason, and learn a lot in CZ, we understand more professional knowledge, we choose our do the content. Write myself, for the difficult problems of the candidates answer, run a lot of studio and seek cooperation, with contributions for advertising, publicity and so on preferential partners for free services, gradually won the candidates of trust and trust of customers, customers gradually began to have their contact we do pay for advertising, we also have to see their income. Pay a return, we are very happy, but also more energy, can provide better information, more efforts in service.

doing things and life is the same, there must be principles, do website also have professional ethics, this is what I just started to do to friends when we say, we have always adhered to this integrity.

in December last year, when art brochures have released that month, every website traffic in two thousand or three thousand, this is a good performance in the same site. Our editor sent out a news article because he was careless and didn’t edit it carefully. Then I looked carefully and sent it at eleven in the morning, at three p.m.

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