Analysis of the method of Tencent space depth utilization to promote flow transformation


the most important thing we do is to promote the traffic of the website, and also need to be able to translate into the actual value of traffic. But a lot of time, it is very difficult to improve the website traffic, and it is very difficult to improve the traffic conversion rate of the website. Even through good SEO optimization, to enhance the site’s ranking, traffic in a short period of time has achieved growth, but how much traffic can bring actual value for the site


traffic into difficult, the key lies in the webmaster friends did not find a suitable method, with the application of the network continues to expand, in addition to Baidu there are more ways to promote traffic growth can be selected, the Tencent space is a good choice, if you are still using QQ software, and verified by a friend to screen friends, so there is a friend to verify the important information that is derived from the QQ space. Thus, QQ space is a good source of traffic transformation.

then how can we make full use of Tencent space for their website to get a good flow? The author summed up the three methods, in practice, the effect still has a good effect.

first, write or post information about the content of your website. This is a very crucial step, believe that many webmaster friends remember a foreign blog through the collection of wonderful content and let others share in just six months to earn hundreds of millions of dollars in the case, we need to do here is wonderful content and they need the promotion of the website combination, then posted to the QQ space, in the content even if there is a little hard wide, nor space Tencent removed, so in the content, to make perfect advertising and exciting content of fusion. Well done, basically half the battle.

second play the role of Tencent derivatives. When the exciting content is on the line, the most important thing now is to make the content of QQ space known to more people. Usually, this process takes a certain amount of time. There are two ways to do this. One is to join some of the QQ group associated with its own web site. For example, you do is recruitment websites, then you can find the relevant recruitment group in QQ, and the open group members access to your QQ space, so that we can in a very short period of time, enhance their QQ space access degree. Another approach is to actively access the space of other QQ friends, especially those with large access to QQ friends, so as to increase the exposure rate of their QQ space in other people’s space.

third, the use of big move into the WeChat circle of friends. This method is the most simple, is to share the wonderful content of QQ space to his WeChat circle of friends, using the power of the circle of people to help promote their own. Of course, in order to content can quickly spread out, the most critical is from the content of the wonderful degree. In addition, in the process of marketing promotion, but also pay attention to the content and website publicity of the degree of close combination, if your content publicity beauty production

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