A grassroots webmaster do station experience


contact network time is not too short, but unfortunately, until now, I’m still a grassroots webmaster, a very confused grassroots webmaster. I think most of the grassroots are confused, with a good vision of the Internet, a headlong into the network, began the webmaster career. Why would I say I am confused, perhaps I am too stupid, nothing creative, and now do the stations are some garbage stations, and some stations are not included in Baidu, ah, it is not easy to do a small grassroots ah. I also thought to be only a short while ago I do a good website, but the technical level is limited, now only with others design templates, although the content is king, but you don’t have a good template, how can I ask you to keep your visitors? So I began a web page template design learning, finally in my efforts to learn how to use the PS design template, about three months, the first of my web site, to tell the truth because it is the first time to design their own website, although the page art is very poor, but also is a few months of hard work results. When do stand just for fun, interested in it, never thought about using a website to make money, plus I sometimes lazy, website update speed up, Baidu included not ideal, finally because of work reasons to give up the site, think now is really a little regret not to continue to adhere to go on.

recently because of the change in the job, go to work every day have time to the Internet, the chance for me to see a friend’s website, I see him every day on the website income of tens of dollars, and I feel the do the idea of standing, so I started amateur webmaster career. Because I want to save money, not to buy space, but choose free space, unstable space is a normal situation, so I was in the promotion of the site caused great difficulties. Here to tell you, do not use free space, ah, if you do stand, just want to play, that is OK, if you want to do a good site, you have to buy space, this is my bloody lesson ah. When my website is on the line, I know that it is not difficult to make a website, and it is difficult to promote it. It is not easy to let people know your website and fall in love with your website. My website to now, Baidu is not included, the mood that depressed ah. But this time I won’t give up. It’s an interest for me to do it. Although it’s amateur, I will try my best to do it well. Of course, I also hope that one day I can do to become my occupation, but it is not an easy thing, see the webmaster nets so many webmaster story, also learned to do the webmaster occupation bitter, but if there is a chance, I think I would like to try, at least now I have put their own station to do. Even after the continuous learning website this knowledge is too deep, from design, production, operation, integration of SEO, these knowledge slowly learning, I believe the future will be successful.

I do qjboy.cn is just the first serious to do a station, is a station of my hand, I do it for the purpose.

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