Buy a website to face shuffle specific fractionize market is successful breach


        accompanied by the Internet in 2009 a series of crackdown campaigns, the domestic Internet also blew a group buying wind, online shopping group craze swept the country. Group buying websites have sprung up like mushrooms. According to the relevant data shows that the number of domestic buy site has more than 500. The network group purchase brings together the majority of consumers, by its own group of consumers and merchants group purchase website and issued jointly issued e-commerce group purchase form, through one-time purchases of goods to the user and the business negotiation ability, so as to reduce the price of goods. Thus by the vast numbers of network consumers, and therefore quickly popular.

, the famous American website of Groupon mode network group purchase group purchase successfully produce rapid sensation in China, and bring to tread on air pioneer group purchase imitate the successful mode effect, backward followers fought to emulate regardless of personal danger. Then, behind the group of dazzling aura, but hidden many hidden worries. For consumers, the integrity of the business lead to traps and scams constantly. And for the group purchase website operators who, the lower the threshold and lack of supervision caused by the flood quantity industry website brings to the market saturation, and the operation mode of the same lack of innovation, but also to a large number of small and medium-sized group purchase said of an aged person face closure threat.

according to the survey, the system price of a group purchase website is generally not more than 6000 yuan, even with payment system, SMS service, enterprise mailbox and so on, only about 10 thousand yuan is needed. Such low price costs, coupled with a lack of industry regulation, provide unscrupulous merchants with room to cheat. Part of the site also holds a shot to change a place mentality, lack of integrity awareness, low quality personnel, select partners blind random. When the 1288 group purchase net payment does not deliver goods, delays the refund to be investigated by the police, the news has burst after the industry, has aroused the public opinion to buy the profession the question. And a variety of "fake" Shanzhai buy sites flooded the market, I do not know how many consumers on the false "Li Kui" when. Internet users to buy the query led to the loss of a large number of customers on the market.

, and the current group buying sites are mostly through low-cost attract business, did not establish a clear profit model, the credibility of the crisis caused by the loss of customers, but also to some group buying website hard to support. Only some of the funds are strong, marketing ability is strong, relying on the Internet, well-known website company, a huge user base, buy site can achieve certain marginal effect. Although the group purchase transaction is limited to the city localization of life services, the short term can form natural market barriers and win the development of time and space for the group purchase group purchase website, but the website Commission revenue, it is difficult to form a lasting appeal to merchants. Especially now the defective industry is uneven, the number of sites in many cases, many websites have no business to be found, no customer and the situation. With the recent market competition intensified, buy a round of market reshuffle is inevitable, there will be 40% or more buy site is facing bankruptcy. >

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