A rookie experience


This is my

just a month old rookie will this month do stand experience to write down, write well please forgive me if I feel very boring, veteran please bypass.

I began to contact do stand a month ago, just one month time let me learn a lot of things, and let me have deep experience is: do stand must maintain a good attitude, unremittingly to do so


I do is picture station, beautiful figure, and to the station did better SEO, just do stand a day was GG included, for I just contacted the site of the rookie, it is very happy thing. With a good start, I have a lot of motivation, I insist on updating every day, and do a certain amount of the chain. During my stay in the station, I appreciate my brother’s strong support, because with his stand, my IP rushed to 2000 in third days. Later, after I took the trouble to lobby, talked about a few PR4 or more than Baidu included at least 200 pages of friendship, in order to allow Baidu to include as soon as possible.

, but who will know their own way, tomorrow will be what kind of? Last Thursday is a big Baidu collection of days, listening to a friend said that several of their stations have been closed overnight, and the fastest only a short 16 days. But my beauty map has been 42 days, and when I input my website at Baidu, it still shows you can visit it directly. Now I can’t get along with it. I lost a lot of confidence at once. Remember to have seen on the Internet some articles about Baidu included, said that if more than a month Baidu is not included in your station, then your domain name is not much hope. I was lost and ready to give up and get ready to do it again. So I told the idea to my brother. My brother said I was too impatient, do the same thing with the station can not be impatient, such a mentality is not do stand. Is he more encouragement, let me calm down, good precipitation yourself. Yes, everything is difficult at first. I’m taking an important step. This is good or bad. I’m ready to give up before I get out. It shouldn’t be. In the face of standing and facing life, we should have a healthy and positive attitude. We should not be frustrated and frustrated by a small setback, nor can we be impatient for success. That’s important for rookies, because we’ve just learned to fly, and don’t rush to fly high at once.

put the mentality, feeling a lot easier, the next few days I always insist on doing daily tasks, drawing, updating, publicity… Not to think… Baidu included things that are no longer those things and incapable of action.

woke up this morning, I looked at the statistics, suddenly found that Baidu with 4 IP, enter the URL is very excited about the query, and Baidu included my It is as expected, station, to my surprise, my station actually came in the first page of beauty map search, but instead I did not ever so excited, because I understand that the pay will be rewarded, do stand to keep a good attitude! "

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