How to clean and women’s underwear can not female health net bacteria


underwear should be washed in a timely manner, do not let the underwear overnight, otherwise easy to breed bacteria to increase the difficulty of cleaning. And the residual odor underwear to attract some flies and other insects.

2, do not stay overnight

a lot of girls in order to wash their clothes, often used too much detergent, but caused residual, causing skin allergies.

a lot of girls are always attracted by beautiful lace and elegant color, which is the best choice. But experienced lingerie shopping guide will remind you according to the different body shape, choose different styles.

women’s underwear close personal contact directly, but also to determine the most obvious indicators of gynecological disease health. How to ensure that the underwear can be thoroughly cleaned, and will not be bacterial reproduction, so how to choose underwear and the correct cleaning method, female friends can not ignore the small details, let us look at it!

underwear contact physiological parts, there are special requirements for health. If the coat is easy to wash the outside world of pathogenic bacteria and pollution sources to underwear. In particular, the socks are easy to mold, if mixed with underwear will be infected underwear.

natural ultraviolet disinfection, let washing underwear in the sun, if there is no chance to deal with the high temperature can be suggested, for example, hot irons, dryer, or use the hair dryer and let it not tide.

two, women clean underwear

underwear is best not to choose chemical fiber and silk material, easy to static electricity, hurt the skin. May also lead to odor, sweat and secretions in the need for timely volatilization is not easy to disperse.

1, underwear cleaning

3, special cleaning utensils

2, style collocation dress

at the same time take into account the outer pants, skirts and other different height of the waist and pants length and other factors, the purchase of functional underwear.

Encyclopedia: it is best to choose soft, cotton, good thermal underwear, wear some loose, not too tight.

women’s genitals is a weak environment, cleaning supplies are generally alkaline, so we should choose not too strong, alkaline cleaning ability good cleaning agent, such as soap, or have the ability to disinfect soap.

5, full sun exposure

1, soft breathable fabric

a woman to buy underwear attention

4, mild detergent

because underwear is relatively close clothes, so there is a special basin or vessel, and especially don’t feet or installed other bacteria more clothing and utensils. This can easily cause bacterial infection.

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