56 your vicious speculation has seriously deviated from the national significance


what happened,


some time ago, there was a 56 page 90 claiming to be non mainstream MM made a criticism of so-called "Indoorsman, Indoorswoman" 80 after 70 after the video, the video in the MM and do not say is not 90, but has the age group seriously and discrimination. More harmful to the difference between the rich and poor indoctrination.

next, 56 home soon released a "positive Indoorsman 80 to 90 back" on the MM video, the video is not what positive meaning, but full of decadent decadent ideas. Then, the group war took place in this era. Comments on the emergence of 80, attack, abuse, 90 words are not enough. 90 also launched after 80 groups counterattack.

however, the war had not stopped, 56 home impressively appeared a cutesy claiming to be "insulting language behavior after 70 of the rich women of 80 and 90 after the extreme, even the last in front of the camera and a handful of rmb. The overt appearance of the video provoked a great anger, and the war of age was filled with smoke.

56, where you are


is the Internet video site competition let your conscience? Let you discover and increase in between group discrimination? Let you go to instill the decadent ideas between rich and poor and lower superficial psychological differentiation for the future of the motherland and the flowers? Let you go to the so-called flow and enhance ethnic group conflict?

56, you will become a sinner of the nation. The Internet


, your hype, you know how many crimes you’ve committed, sober up, I’ll show you.

1 for the younger group increased Xianpinaifu decadent ideas, like this, how to unite? How to develop? How to treasure? How to get along with more cooperation between the pillars and beams


2 seriously discriminated against and insulted China’s currency currency – rmb. The renminbi has a definite protection law. If you don’t know it, I suggest you check it out first.

3 makes a flood of uncivilized language flooding the network, and every comment in each video is almost insulting. What do you want young people to do? Learn to swear or learn to be scolded?

4, your hype has risen to political significance, national unity, unity and upward. You’re discriminating against age. What are you trying to break up next? Please tell me,


5 buttons out the age group. For example: Indoorsman, Indoorswoman, beat generation and so on. Even if you do not create the title, you are also the main spread. How many decadent people do you think of this age? How much did you spread for your country? This is a dirty culture of age discrimination,


6, each video is tens of thousands of visits, video low-level vulgar. Its vicious actions have far-reaching implications. < >

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