Analysis a classic bad website of the ten major standards


in the analysis of many sites, find good website success, poor sites also have the same standards, especially a classic bad website, always find similarities in some places, once a few of your site with the ten standard hanging hook, will be the classic poor the site of doom, if these ten sites accounted for all of you, please leave it or the webmaster circle, another way better.

one, I don’t know what Internet users want,

What is the

for Internet users? Many owners do not understand, so the website to do is to follow the trend, others do what he will do, always follow others ass away, without a clear positioning of their own website, there is no unique attraction for Internet users, this site is a classic site of the poor common examples, but also know how to do market analysis and demand analysis, or your website is to see who do, show them what you don’t know, don’t expect that more users get what useful information from your website.

two, completely without innovation,

collects content directly on other websites. It seems that the content of the website is very rich, but there is no one that is useful. If your site is a hodgepodge of all kinds of Internet users, but can not find useful information, you will be the site around the headache; if you are full of the uniqueness of the Internet, then your website will attract users to click, let users feel browsing your site is valuable. This will bring value to the users of your site.

three, no market vision, no profit model,

open the personal website, dazzling advertisements everywhere, looking for valuable content to half strength, even will appear, click on the ads to download and so on, some netizens to deceive. Webmasters may make a small profit, but they are very detrimental to the long-term development of the website.

recognize their own strengths, confirm a pattern, stick to it, do not love, envy others. As far as I am concerned, although not tens of thousands of monthly income, but one of my monthly community website the income of thousands of dollars or some, I insist on the mode that community and web games combined with, and always believe in stick.

web games relative to the webmaster, do not need upfront investment, very easy to have your own game channel, is the webmaster website and online game combination of effective way. To help owners in the joint development of web games, bubbles play web game platform union.popwan is the joint operation of the joint operation of web game platform is the largest, three months on the line, there are over 110 thousand of the webmaster to join the bubble play platform can prove the strength and confidence of the Webmaster Platform.

four, homogenization of serious

sees high music websites, and goes to music sites; sees movie sites making money, and goes all out to do movie sites

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