Local website survival philosophy understand technology but also marketing


for local websites, technology is the basis of survival, marketing is the way of development, the two complement each other, and are indispensable. Marketing can rely on technical means, the most typical is SEO. Technology can also be acquired through marketing, such as technology outsourcing or through a reward offering. In the network before the start, I have got in the direct selling industry for a period of time. Money is not earned, but some running business skills are impressive, the operation of Sanming 0598 talent, Sanming secretarial network and other sites of great benefit. The essence of it is "five steps, eight points"". This weekend, take a moment to give you a brief introduction.

first of all, in business negotiations to do "five steps": to greet, introduce themselves, introduce products, transactions, and then deal. Focus on "how to say" Hello, from the way, to the person according to local conditions, the most fundamental is to do four points: one is the eye. To look at each other, full of self-confidence, and can not drift away, let the other party feel that you do not attach importance to him. If you look into the other person’s eyes and feel stressed, look at the other person’s nose so that the other person feels like you’re watching him. Two is a smile. Make sure you keep your smile. Smile is one of the cheapest cosmetics, it can effectively shorten the distance between us and customers. This is the reason for the so-called "not reaching a smiling face". Three is enthusiasm. Be sure to have young people’s passion and vitality, and spread the spirit of happiness and health up to every customer, so that customers appreciate you and accept you. Four is politeness. Pay attention to some details, such as entering the door, knocking at the door first, after permission, you can enter the customer’s office, to show their high quality and good self-cultivation. Self introduction and introduction of products, mainly to control the time, concise and clear, seize customer interest points, the last article mentioned, "customers are very busy."". As for the transaction, the main thing is to seize the opportunity and prompt it. It is called "quantitative change" to "qualitative change" in philosophy. Re transaction, that is, do a good job of maintaining the old customers, short-term customers to develop growth partners, which is more successful than the development of new customers, time-saving and labor-saving.

and for themselves to strict requirements, it needs to do the "eight points": that is a good attitude and keep the area for eight hours a day, and keep the attitude, ready and know what to do, and why control on time. A few simple words show the essence of marketing, which is much more than to read that heavy marketing book. In addition, our 0598 talent network also emphasizes the importance of the "average law", that is, the more customers you see in a day, the greater the chance of turnover or turnover. This requires the clerk to take leave of, see customers as much as possible. The old salesman sets up a number of targets to meet the customers every day. He doesn’t finish the task and never rest.

today to talk about things, in principle, believe that the webmaster have the experience, be able to use, innovation and development. In this application, this article by 0598 Sanming talent net www.0598rc.com original, in A5 starting, reprint please indicate the source.

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