Horse Grassland are you ready for the website revision


as the saying goes, "trees move dead, people move live.". And personal website is the same, there is a certain life cycle, in the normal operation after a period of time, if the site organizers think the website itself "problems", it needs to have the operation, website revision, in order to better meet the needs of users.

The revision of the

website means a change in some management ideas. Change and do not change, is definitely not a racking our brains decide things, need to be cautious. After all, the revised website takes into account visitor adaptation and habits. Success or failure requires practice. However, if we are on the site before the revision, "why to change" and "change" what the rational thinking, then to minimize the adverse effects brought by the website, so as to avoid.

Why is the

site revised


your website can adapt to changes in the service and network trends, which is the first issue must be made clear before the website revision. The only constant in this world is change. It is far from enough for websites to be healthy and safe. As the site of the raising and the maintenance, the site webmaster can not be successful on-line, just walk away regardless, once and for all. The web’s life lies in the value of lasting updates and creativity, and when the site can not thrive, it must undergo a medical examination". The most direct approach is whether visits to check their site search engine has decreased, the weight is decreased, the most important consideration is reflection website to provide products and services can continue to meet the needs of users.

to solve the above problems, you can view your site accordingly whether the necessity of revision. If you still feel a bit abstract, we can make a more intuitive analysis from the New Oriental XDF.CN new website revision on-line. New Oriental Education Group is based on English education and training, with many courses. There are branches in major cities throughout the country, and there are many students. In this context, the original online website of New Oriental has been unable to meet the increasing number of students learning needs. Thus, New Oriental revision of the original site is imperative. The new website is not only from the domain of innovation, and based on the original search course, increase the information and community functions, make the training school teaching and online course entity function to expand, so that students not only learn the knowledge in the classroom, but also on the Internet can also carry out after-school self-study and interaction.

What did the

revision change,


website is not changed over, the new site in the end can not be recognized by the users, also need a running cycle can be proved. For new changes in the new site, it is necessary for the webmaster to make a scientific and reasonable explanation and explanation. Although the site is theoretically a webmaster all of the property, but if the site to a certain scale, has a certain influence, become a well-known website. At this point, the webmaster and its Web site in the invisible will enjoy a certain "public figure" status, and must be associated with their sense of social responsibility

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