Analysis of correct website construction and operation thinking unique and persistent


Now many

do most of them remain in the imitation stage, such as navigation station, all follow the navigation station, group purchase station to make money, so we have to follow the trend to do group purchase station, but can really make money webmaster rarely, especially some large portal also enter the navigation, enter the group purchase, will the individual stationmaster profit margins squeezed into a very small space! So many webmaster website operators will end in failure!

In fact,

follow the trend of this behavior in people’s minds has been ingrained, some time ago, Japan’s Fukushima nuclear leakage time, Japanese no panic, we Chinese people have staged a scene of the wave of looting salt farce, which is to follow the trend of the consequences of this disaster is often more terrible even for! The construction site is the site, group purchase herd behavior is serious, lead to a large number of group purchase website because of fierce competition and have closed down! Do not only follow the trend of visible harm, in others! Baidu Robin Li warned the station long friends, do not follow the trend of the construction site, look for to do that is required to do! How to become an independent school and unremittingly! Can become an independent school unremittingly and


1: get creative skills from your life

to the original navigation station first appeared on the Internet, many Internet industry leader is not optimistic, but the navigation station has the suddenness of a thunderbolt quickly occupied the user’s IE page, was a huge amount of users, the only regret before how did not think this simple website can also create huge profit! In fact this is from our life summed up the flash point, because we know the people of the Internet has not yet reached the level of developed countries such as Europe and America, the site entrance lot are obtained through the navigation station! So when the navigation station appears, they will collect on the first page of IE, after access to other the website also becomes more simple! So you become an independent school life is a source of


two: understand the current latest applications, and accurately grasp the future trend of


epidemic is only a short period of half a year’s time, this than the original blog from discovery to recognition of even a short time a lot, it is like Sina and Tencent and other industry giants saw micro-blog’s huge application prospects to develop micro-blog, now the two platform of micro-blog household has exceeded 50 million, visible micro-blog the influence and effect of money will be more and more big, and all this is due to an accurate grasp of the current application trend of Sohu, NetEase and other portals! Is not captured by the great application prospect, and this will be xiangbobo submissively, it’s too late now, on the Internet. Often the first person to eat crab will be more likely to succeed, so the current understanding of the latest application, is a prerequisite for you to accurately grasp the future trend, is the source of your

to become an independent school!

finally comes to terms with perseverance, even if you try to open up a whole new profit model, if you don’t stick to it

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