From the Oriental Rainbow financing 10 million to talk about the Webmaster Station at the beginning


saw an article today in A5, there is little doubt his authenticity, go online search, is indeed a NetEase on the news, but other places did not see the relevant news reports, the "Oriental Rainbow" is a bit strange name, maybe too with very limited knowledge and scanty information first. This article does not discuss the authenticity, but from this event can be seen on the difference between the owners and the owners or in other words, the same type of website why others can get credit, but you can’t


10 million, in the field of Internet investment is not much, but for this one website is a website, even a small area is not a small number, this paper points out that the beauty is a station, put aside the type of site type, pick out a website. The domain name is not a major factor in the success of the web site, a good domain name can bring you to a lot of the natural flow of this I believe, but if you do not have good content, even every day to you too much traffic users, you can not convert the customer what use, like Baidu today gave 1 thousand of the traffic, tomorrow you K, a flow rate are not the same. In short, the content of the website plays a decisive factor.

is a web site to see whether can succeed an industry focus and is also the same type of website in the crowd, and not rely on the domain name and website content, but by the site founder also is the webmaster mentality of the decision, if you start thinking about the site bigger and stronger by just a few GG advertising in front of it, I believe that one day even if you don’t succeed, at least you have come out and others is not the same way, if the location site started at the beginning of the thinking is to build a small industry station, just because the industry GG high price so that, with this the purpose of the website owners may not have decided what a big development, though they are the same type of website.

mentioned about the content of the website beauty webmaster, wide or narrow than portals, but compared to count up, also many, news, video, consulting, tutorials,…,… I have a so-called beauty station, domain name Maggie Cheung http://s. is also good, but I set up this website the purpose is to think of the price than the so-called entertainment stand a little higher, so just use a very simple procedure, set up several very common information columns, but this station though it is the beauty industry website, but there is a lack of the day before, don’t be bigger and stronger, but also is the foundation people often say that did not play well.

so the station in the station at the beginning to affect the site in the future day operation idea and management mode, the webmaster now is not the time to win by volume, station or a real plan is really, I like this station rarely take care of, but also love the name and I can contact (in the comments >

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