The need for detailed site optimization


Why is the

site optimized for details

, first of all, you have to understand that no one can make a website perfect once. The so-called details determine success or failure, any site should be specific circumstances for the details of the optimization. Even if Sina, NetEase, Tencent, such a large portal site, every minute of the details will be optimized reform. You may be familiar with the Tencent, you can see the annual QQ version will be a change in the details of the upgrade, but also needs to improve the user experience, you can try to contrast, and now the first edition version of the QQ you will compare a lot of problems, the same way on the refraction of the webmaster, SEOER responsible for the site is the same.

What is the purpose of

website detail optimization,


site is not the best, only better. Here, according to the website details temporarily, and not go to war, the details change, make the site more perfect, perfect the website details optimization problem, an increase in the user experience of the website, not only add new users, but not blindly increase the old users, but under the definition of "keep the effective user groups, refused to a part of the user groups, to achieve the maximization of profits. Learn to reject a small number of users, of course, not to say that the less part of the user is useless, perhaps useful, perhaps useless. However, a website always can not meet all the needs, the equivalent of iPhone mobile phone, apple rejected a small part of the user, the user groups positioning for high-end users, how can you see how many migrant workers with iPhone4, iphone5 (without any meaning of contempt), this is called to do a thing, more often than decided to do something difficult. Because he does not agree with a person, everything he says will not be accepted, and therefore must be rejected by some users. This is related to the location of the site, you should know exactly what your website does, what groups are targeted, whether there is anything missing, you should know what you should do, and what you should not do. A positioning of the site largely determines where the site will be replaced in the future. How many people now feel that their website optimization is done very well, and how many people think their web site to do a lot of garbage,

?What are the details of the

website how to change

?The theory of

things too much is useless, we give some examples to it, such as the wedding photography website, wedding photography skills will increase the number of articles, although it will increase the user’s browsing some photography enthusiasts, even the owners will think this additional weight may even improve the conversion rate, but the fact of it, or not no increase in conversion rate but let website ranking is very difficult to have a big promotion, because we have to learn to refuse to learn to refuse a small part of the user. Because you don’t pay attention to photography skills at all, you don’t think you’re going to learn photography, unfortunately?

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