Navigation station hao wang on line new top level domain application gradually become climate


recently,.Wang domain name of the site navigation station officially launched, website by the registration authority and is responsible for the management of the development, for the collection and display with.Wang domain name good site, this is the first in the world for new top-level domain navigation website, has great significance in the development of new top-level domain.

new top-level domain applications become climate

as of November 2015, nearly 800 new top-level domains have been registered, including.Wang (Network) and.Club (clubs), with very individual suffixes, creating a variety of network addresses. The new top-level domain has been launched for two years with a total enrollment of about 8000000. There are still tens of thousands of net increments every day. In this high volume of registration behind, the actual application has become the focus of market attention.

, director of the zodiac registry, said.Wang has significant and strong network signature features. For the enterprise website and domain name brand play the most direct and obvious role, has been the public’s enthusiastic pursuit. At present,.Wang domain name registration volume has more than 500 thousand, the use of.Wang domain name website gradually received by the public and terminal, the rapid growth of the number, has become a new fashion in the field of internet.

new top-level domain can be accepted by the market is the key to the application, "application is king" has been as the direction of development of.Wang. .wang since June 2014 officially opened to the outside world since the registration, the major enterprises rushed to register, in addition to network giant, B.A.T and other companies rush to register and apply.Wang, many start-up companies also enable.Wang as their own domain name. .wang based domain names include almost all types of e-commerce, dating communities, online games, business enterprises, government agencies, local websites, such as,, and so on. .wang has become a well deserved leader in new top-level domain terminal applications. to build.Wang domain name professional information platform

as of press time, Baidu search query,.Wang domain name "included the amount has reached 19200000, which estimated that the.Wang domain name website has reached tens of thousands, the establishment of a special for the more necessary to show excellent.Wang domain name website has become, it is in this background, out of homeopathy.

site navigation is one of the earliest forms of Internet website,,, etc. are representative of site navigation, Hao has become the preferred site navigation station prefix, enabled Hao as the URL prefix, combined with the.Wang collocation, on the choice of the domain name is site navigation hao.>!

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